Youth Exchange Program

International youth camp happens twice every year in Summer and Winter in Nepal. Where youth from around the world come together for 5-12 days.In the camp, participants will set on a beautiful journey of discovering their inner spark, finding her authentic self and alongside exploring the beauty, culture, and spirituality of the Land of Himalayas with their co-participants in the camp. Also, s/he will be part of various programs which includes team building, self-exploration, Dance Movement Therapy. They will also be involved in various activities which will foster cross-cultural exchange and global friendship. Camp will be conducted in 5 different places: Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Dhading, Pokhara, Chitwan.

Everest Base Camp Before 30

Summit of Everest is so high that reaching to the foot of Everest (i.e. base camp) is an adventure of the highest level itself. Way to get there is equally worth it; native Sherpa villages, peoples and their story of living and legends, glorious flora and fauna of Sagarmatha region, fascinating lifestyle, traditions, spiritual vibes, hospitality and the overall magnificence in simplicity can overwhelm anyone. Come join us on Epic journey to Everest base camp before you turn thirty. Let’s walk together to the base of Legendary Mountain which allures thousand of trekkers every year.

Sudha Subedi – CEO & Founder

Sudha Subedi is a Founder/CEO of Youth Legend, an enterprise created to make a significant impact in lives of young people around the world through connection, inspiration, and awareness. Sudha is a Global Catalyst(consultant) and looks over Global Strategy in San Francisco based company International Connector where she has worked with renowned companies like Institute […]

Mohan Ghimire

Mohan Ghimire – Chief Operating Officer

Mohan Ghimire is a COO of Youth Legend. He is also a Lecturer of Java programming in different Engineering Colleges of Nepal. He used to work as Senior Software Engineer at Verisk Information Technology. He loves programming. He has successfully organized various nationwide youth, technology, and sports-related programs. Singing, dancing, playing football and traveling is […]

Shilpa Bhandari

Shilpa wants to establish a place in Nepal where students prefer “sciencing” rather than “studying”. Shilpa believes in grabbing every opportunity and working hard after achieving it. She completed her high school with Science major and she aspires to be an Astrophysicist.

Rachel Pradhan

Rachel has half decade of experience of working in a small scale enterprise of her family in Bandipur, Nepal. She loves reading books, attempting to write poems, traveling and surfing on internet. She wants to become an entrepreneur. She has a green belt in Taekwondo. Her strength is expressive nature, creativity, and networking. And also […]


5 Entrepreneurship Lessons You Can Learn From Mountaineers!

Mountaineers have gone through a number of adventures, many of them potentially life-threatening, dangerous, and sometimes life-affirming. They take away many important lessons and bits and pieces of wisdom from their experiences. It may seem strange, but these lessons can be applied to several fields unrelated to mountaineering, such as entrepreneurship. Here are just a […]


8 Cool Business Ideas For Teenagers!

If you’re a teenager and eager to start your own business then this article is definitely for you! Do you think you cannot start making money just because you’re in your teens? Think again. It is actually not a matter of age but a matter of skills and ideas that involve in a business. Today, […]