What should i do to reach my goal ?

Hardik Kansara writes:

“Currently i am doing things which i really don’t like because i need to earn money & support my family. I want to work on my projects which i really like. But i have the fear for doing things i like the most. I tried several times but i could not succeed and i don’t know the exact reason for it. May be because i lack self confidence, support or may be due to lack of right guidance. I hereby request you to guide me on how to work on my project which i love to work and which interest me the most. I want to be an entrepreneur as well as I wanna do something for my country too. I never used to believe in myself and that’s my biggest weakness. I want to overcome it too. i really want to reach my goal but i don’t know how.”

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  • Shweta Basnet

    Hardik i can understand that it might be hard for you to earn money for your sustainabity and help of family but there is inner passion in you which always pushes you to do something on your own.
    It must be hard time for you. But, when things are tougher then only you can get beautiful result. I think you should work on your self confidence first. You should speak to more people, start public speaking, start taking challenges, push yourself, watch videos and read books about successful people on how they overcomed their fear doubts and gained self confidence. It wont happen over night. Might take time so you need persistence and strong willpower. All the best.

  • Mohan Ghimire

    Hello Hardik,
    First you’ve to boost your self confidence. Get yourself indulge in group discussion. Talk with your friends, learn about life story of the entrepreneur.
    And here is the thing you have to do on your daily basis. Apart from your current job, allocate your extra time for your own project. Maintain TO-DO task for the day. Follow your routine strictly.

    Dreams will come true for those who work hard on their dreams not for those who stays back.
    So what are you waiting for, start your ACTION Right now!!!
    All the best.

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