Two seconds of my Life- the bungee experience


Life stuck in a routine is the most boring one, at times you feel like nothing more than a dial of a wall clock going round and round and some more rounds without purpose.

Something analogous was going with my life as well; wake up at 8 in the morning, get ready for office, work till 6, return back and eat, engage in social networking, and finally sleep at 12 with soothing music playing in the background. When our mind realizes that we are in a scheduled mode, it goes totally weird, at least for me; the highly energized mind and physical activity departs and sluggish mode creeps in.

Something adrenaline pumping is required to get me back to my energized state, thanks to Team Building arranged by my office. Team Building might have its own formal definition but for me it is the ultimate charger for my mind and body. It is indeed a sweet break from routine-d life where we can have fun and share our dissatisfaction without hesitation. And thus a team building was on our list.

It was already 2 weeks before the D-day and none were able to fix the thrill destination. I– without having a clue –suggested “Last Resort”, And a senior added “Sukute Beach”. So it was “Last Resort and then Sukute Beach” then.

After that, only thing that would come across my mind was the particular day, when we’d leave for last resort. With having my name enlisted for Bungee, I was already scared and worried that it leads me to watch some videos regarding Bungee Jump. Some videos were so funny and some others were so scary.

At times I’d feel “It is just a jump,, even ordinary guy girls can do that then why can’t i?”

But again I’d think “Jumping from that height, and just with a rope, what if?”

My thoughts swayed between these types of feelings.

Finally the day arrived.

Singing along with the splash of BhoteKoshi against the big rocks and admiring the scenic view of Mother Nature, we reached our destination. It was Saturday and lots of lots of people were already at Last Resort. When I saw first jump for that day again the previous thought came.

“How stupid can people get (including me), just with the support of rope, why he is taking risk?”.

Thanks to another complimentary thought,
“Without Risk there is no fun and what’s the point of living without Fun!!”

I was ready for the jump. To keep away such negative thoughts from me, I and one of my friends roamed around Last Resort. While going around we saw a beautiful garden and other adventure sports called High Ropes.

It was 3:15 pm and we were called to note our weight. Being measured 78 kgs, my bungee id was Bungee-78. We went to the Bungee spot. They made Bungee queue in descending order of weight. My two colleagues jumped and after that Bungee Master called “Bungee-78“, just then one song played on my mind “I’m not moving”. He again repeated my ID and I, searching for excuses, replied him I will do later then. The man got angry and said “ If that’s the case then you will do it in last”.

Suddenly a thought came in my mind “I am Chhetri, I am son of Chhetri.” Without thinking twice I went to the bungee spot. My heart was already beating hard, it was like a ignited rocket ready to charge out. They were preparing me, and right in front of me my senior did a magnificent back jump.
“ Wow that’s a courage, that’s a style, WOW..WOOW. “

If I hadn’t seen that then maybe I would never jump in my life. Then my turn arrived, my mind froze. A steel structure at the bottom of my feel, roaring bhote khosi way down below, Couple of steps ahead, and the utmost thrill.

The first thing that I could think was

I could feel the wind swish past my both ears. I could hear it say
“Feel the moment; Just feel the moment, this is the best part of your life where you can completely forget about the world.”

And I felt,

This is what it feels to win against fear, this is what people always wish for, this is what it feels like to be free from the boundaries of Gravity, this is what it feels like to be a free bird flying with the joy of freedom, this is what it feels like to be free from narrow minded people, this is what it feels like to get inner peace that Lord Buddha was referring.

All in all, I felt just awesome and at last when I was untied by the Bungee Master I shouted aloud
“I did it I did it I did it”. That was the voice of courage, that was the voice of feeling awesome, that was the voice of freedom, and that was the voice of achievement.

We live just few moment of our life for ourselves, other time we just act to live. And for me, those Two seconds of my life was the moment I lived.

Have you ever experienced this thrill of bungee jumping? How did you feel? If you have not experienced it yet. Do you want to try it now? Feel free to share with us.



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