Paras Khadka Social Media AMA

AMA-Ask Me Anything

We have taken some of the questions from Facebook and Twitter from you guys for Paras Khadka. And here are his answers to those questions.
(Note: Font in italics are nepali words)

I think he was asking what he knew. There must be some qualities in him that’s why he is in that position today. You just can’t judge a person because of one interview. See, people will always interpret. Here, it is very easy to make mockery of anyone. But, even for being Rishi Dhamala, he must have done so many things right. So we should think about positive aspect. Making fun is very easy but then to be in certain position and stay there forever it will take lots of hard work and courage. It keeps on happening. We can also sometime win and sometime lose. wohale j bujnu vayo tehi aadharma sodhnu vayo so nothing against him.

A lot. (Big smile)Once we were practicing for inter school tournament. Southpoint highschool at baneshwor, near my home. There was a balcony in front of us and I was batting at that time. Our School’s Principal come and said, “Don't play your shots in air. Gudaera khela ”. Just after that I hit the shot and the ball hit the window of the room next to principal sir and broke the glass. And he was like stop playing cricket nobody is playing cricket.

After that we all friends collected money and repaired the window next day. Then he said it’s okay you can play from tomorrow. Yes that would be one incident.

I think it’s very high time that we develop a system. Like we were fighting aile vakharai pani system system vanera. Why we need a system is, the best example we have seen is last 14 years we used to play under 19 world cup easily. There were good players but there was not a system. We used to play till there was a match and we were qualified. All of sudden there was a gap and we stopped playing. women’s cricket same thing! Initially when we started we used to win tournaments but these days we barely win 1-2 matches. Why? Because there is no regular practice system. So it is very important that we setup system for whole country.

Nepal has already become cricket loving nation. Now, we need to create an environment and platform for all those talented players from kid’s cricket to female cricket to everyone who is interested in cricket. The regional and local cricket structures need to be re created as first and foremost pack. If we can create that platform then I think lots of problem will be solved eventually.

No one. I never had cricketing ideals. I like Australian cricket team. I follow them. But I like good cricket players all good players out there. kasaiko bowling manparcha kasaiko batting manparcha. But I never had any cricketing ideals ever. No one!

We have done a lot. Sports psychology, art of living, motivational classes. We have gone through them. And it helps. If we take in right way it helps.

I think the system is not only in place. it’s a still a fight for young talented player. It is hard to be selected in national team just by playing few 4-5 matches in a year. I hope we will bring a system for 6months or a year time. That system will provide a platform for every youngster to go out there and play cricket. We are trying to focus on school college cricket junior cricket etc. We have put it down in words and we are planning it. If we could materialize it, we can improve a lot. Let us work and show first. The platform has not been made yet. After we create the platform we can talk about it.

First of all I play for myself. I have to play for myself because I will perform Once I perform my country is going to win. Right? So playing for me means automatically I am playing for my country. And everyone falls in country. And Of course I am playing cricket if the love was not there I would never play. Cricket is my first love.

Video message of Paras Khadka to youth:

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