Objectives of workshop

  • To create platform for knowledge generation.
  • To discuss and understand the concept of entrepreneurship.
  • To highlight the importance of entrepreneurship.
  • To provide the insights of tools and process of transforming ideas into business.
  • To facilitate an exchange and sharing of ideas and innovation.
  • To discuss, understand and highlight the potential opportunities and innovations.
  • To support and encourage youth to start-up a business.
  • Nepal is a highly lucrative and ever growing economy where there is tremendous opportunities waiting to get cashed. A famous saying, ‘Problem is an opportunity in itself’ rightly fits here and there is a remarkable prospect for business ventures to be successful in Nepal. Entrepreneurs are one of the major pillars that can lend a hand in rapid economic growth of Nepal. They are the change agents who start up projects that create opportunities to wealth generation, employment and economic growth. An Entrepreneur creates opportunities not just for oneself but more importantly for others.

      There is always an opportunity in the face of risk and uncertainty. The entrepreneur takes initiatives, become innovative and always looks for high achievements. Through the eyes of an entrepreneur, the change is an opportunity.

    In present scenario, there are many unemployed youths in our country. Students are graduating and unemployed rate is increasing substantially. Many graduates are knocking from pillar to post, checking with employment exchanges, friends, relatives and still not getting job as per their ability, or hardly getting third rated jobs. Many Nepalese are draining in foreign lands for employment whereas some foreigners are seeing opportunities in Nepal and setting examples of entrepreneurship in Nepal.

    About the workshop

  • What if there is no job after you graduate?
  • Do you really like to be a job creator rather than the job seeker?
  • Do you want to live your dream?
  • If these questions arise frequently from inner core of your heart, Mindkeys’s Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development can be the right platform to develop a confidence in you to take initiatives for your innovative ideas to make yourself successful.
    Of late, the need of entrepreneurship in the growing economy like ours is realized. The pillar of the nation-the youths, need an encouragement to become what they desire to be. We believe entrepreneur are made and not born. Entrepreneurs, ‘The change agent’, need to develop the tendency of the mind to take calculated risk with confidence to achieve their goal and objective. It is often required the proper training and guidelines to cope up with the barriers and to achieve the desired goal. The spirit of entrepreneurship constructs the dynamic society and flourishes the positive message like a chain reaction. This workshop endeavor to equip the youths to become an entrepreneur and become a dynamic ingredient of national growth and prosperity.
    The workshop aims at providing participants with insights on tools for the process of transforming ideas into business. The workshop would be based on Speech and story sharing by successful entrepreneurs, active discussion, activities, networking and the interactive learning.

      Expected Outcomes:

    • Inject the positive mindset about the entrepreneurship.
    • Inculcate the desire to take up Entrepreneurship as a Career.
    • Provide the information and ideas toolkit to the participants.
    • Motivate the participants to start up and encourage others.
    • Create avenue for the participants for their ideas.
    • Highly interactive environment.

    Location and Date:
    The workshop will be held in Indreni Complex, Nepal Baneshwor, Kathmandu on 29th May 2014.

    Registration Information and Application Instruction:

    If you are interested in attending the work or sending your students, Please complete and return the application form.
    Please deposit the fees amount NPR 1200 (Including taxes) by contacting at our office.
    Please confirm your booking by not later than 20th May 2014.
    Complete application should be submitted at our counter not later than the 24th May 2014.

    Contact the address below via email or phone call for application form or more information.
    [message type=”info” show_close=”false”] Mindkeys™
    Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone: +977-01-2299535
    NOTE: All applications should be received no later than 24th May 2014.



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