Youth : This is the right time

The Right Time

As the sun sets, my heart shrinks, ‘Another day wasted’. I wonder again, ‘seriously, i did nothing these long twenty-four hours?’

And days pass in the same way, followed by weeks, months and yes, years. We make plans and plans, and plans and plans but the planned tomorrow becomes yet to be planned. And when your white hairs start appearing, all you’re left with becomes regrets, what i-should-have, i-could-have done lists; and adding up, the saddest part is you then become old and helpless. Even if there comes an urging power to work, your body and your age makes you unable to do so.

Previously people had limited-sources, females were doomed to stay back home, facilities were only for so-called great families and studying was sometimes even called a waste of money. Similarly, there was less acknowledging and less appreciating, people didn’t know about the internet, the technologies were not introduced and books were just a stack of papers with untouched and unrevealed mysteries.

Today, the world is heaven!

We’re blessed today, the first gasp of air we breathe in the morn has technology in it, wi-fi signals; the last scene of the sunset we watch also has science, satellite radiations; and for holidays we step on the moon and when we don’t feel like working we have the tireless best friends of man, the robots!

Today, We have extended horizons, we have a lot more facilities and we get eternal information’s every second. Today the world has transformed, science has made dreams of centuries ago come true and the world has been overpopulated with educated people. But today, we dream small, our works are confined to a small workhouse and we don’t even volunteer to know whats going around the neighborhood. Our energies are getting expired, our muscles are getting jammed and our brains are on the verge of bursting due to unused skills and planned tomorrows.

So, WAKE UP YOUTHS! This is the right time.

Today we are rich of skills and knowledge. We have the time, we have the platforms what our ancestors lacked in their youth-hood. Tomorrow our skills might get old, tomorrow we might have much busier schedules and lesser ideas than today and in a nutshell, tomorrow never comes! This is the right time.

Author: Oshin Bista



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