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How can i gain confidence for public speaking?

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FEMALE, 22 years


I always used to be an introvert. I was not allowed to go out or roam around with friends till my high schools. After i joined my bachelor, we used to have lots of presentations, group work and field work, so i started meeting people and visiting different places.

Initially i even used to shiver when i had to introduce myself in a group of people. But, I started pushing myself hard and over the time i got over that fear. But, when i need to give my opinion and views in a group of people i’m not able to express it properly.

There are so many things i want to share to the world but because of my fear, nervousness or lack of confidence i am unable to share it. I tried speaking in front of mirror so many times but it did not help much. Even when i meet some celebrity or famous person and when i get an opportunity to talk to them, my mind gets blank and i could barely speak a single word.

I seriously hate being this way. I want to be super confident wherever whenever i am. Please Please Please help me with right tips to gain confidence. Thank you so much in advance.



More you are competent more you are confident. For example; if you are in very good attire while going in a party you are confident. You should work on your competency first.

Next comes from within. For that, It’s continuous practice, attitude of ‘baalai vayena’, anger transformation to confidence and programming your sub conscious mind for not being nervous. Some people are just confident because their sub conscious mind have been nurtured in that way.

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