Being 25

Being 25

SHOCK: ‘A state of being surprised and upset!’

Yes my friend, when I first heard from my friend that “You’re turning 25” almost a month ago. I was surprised and felt an electric shock. Without holding on, I kept on saying, “What? 25? I’m turning 25. No way. I’m not turning 25. Oh wait, I was born in 1989 (and then my fingers started counting synchronizing with the voice of number from my mouth). 1989, 1990, …., 2014 hmmm… Is it 2014? Is it 2014? What I’m being 25 then”.

After some minutes, I calmed down and started counting slowly and finally realized that it’s true and I’m turning to 25.
Though it was hard for me to accept but it was reality and I realized that it’s my Silver Jubilee. I have lived almost 1/3 part of my life.

    But… Have I lived my life in the way I wanted?
    Without any second thought, I answered myself ‘NO!’

I’m a normal guy with a confused mind.

I was not sure about what I wanted to be, what’s my actual dream, what is the thing that makes me happy.

When I was a child, my teacher asked me, “What you want to be in future?”. I am sure that this was the most common question we all have faced in childhood. I replied her, “I want to be an Army.”(Special effect of of war films). To tell you the truth, I’ve also applied for recruitment in Nepal Army.

Due to my impatience to wait on the line, I walked out from my childhood dream.

After that, I’d decided to study and I passed the entrance exam of Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus and now I am a Computer Engineer working at well-known Software Company of Nepal.

But still, I was confused about exactly what I wanted to be, I was missing something in my life. Then I began to start thinking and thinking.

    One thing I realized was, just thinking and thinking without implementing is called Procrastination.

Yes, I was procrastinating and this picture perfectly described me.

Right from the start of the day, yeah while waking up from the bed, the procrastination start and at the end of the day we hate ourselves for it. Time was flying and I was there doing nothing just procrastinating. Slowly, I began to dislike myself, the hatred within me for me was accumulating and it was about to explode.
Suddenly, I saw this quote by Paulo Coelho.

 paulo coelho quote

paulo coelho quote

And I realized that I really should start living my life the way I always wanted to. I need to make this life valuable. I should not procrastinate because procrastination is the way of saying ‘NO’ to life. After that I asked myself, how can I beat procrastination, how can I say ‘YES’ to my life.
The answer was so simple

“Make yourself busy on the thing you love the most.”

But it’s so hard to figure out.
To figure out the answer, I started listing the probable things I might like the most. Without further delaying, I started implementing them and eradicating those things which doesn’t make me feel good.

It felt like I’ve started to say ‘NO’ to the things which I really don’t want to do, ultimately saying ‘YES’ to my life.

Nowadays, I start my day with a regular YOGA to guard myself from negative vibes and surround and imitate positive vibes within me. Sometimes, twice or thrice a week, I managed to play futsal despite of my injury which nearly shattered my dream of playing football. Thanks, to my parents, my friends who keep on supporting me throughout my rehabilitation period and now finally I am able to play football again.

I have my job as a Software engineer and I really love programming. To keep my mind indulge on something creative, I managed to play with Photoshop.

Apart from this, I really like listening to music (actually who on Earth don’t like to listen music 😉 ), sing a song and to dance. I often sing a song no matter where I am. And about dancing, watch the video below 😀 . These video gives me a reminiscence of my old days in IOE where i was young, wild and free.

Now, finally I’m exploring my life by keeping myself involve in the thing which I really like. I wish to live my 25th year making it the best year i ever lived.

Lastly,‘Happy 25th Birthday to Me’
Live the moment,
Enjoy The moment,
Cherish the moment. 🙂



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