reaching heaven after death following jesus christ

“What in heaven’s name was that all about?”

AUTHOR: Sama Maharjan

It was one of those cold nights when I was back from my University classes. I like to warm up myself with a cup of Gloria Jeans cappuchino, while I ponder over the assignments I have to accomplish, within the deadlines. I love to sit in the Strathfield Park and look around the people before I go home. I always sort of feel funny how I feel like I am in Korea more than in Australia with lots of Korean people and restaurants around that park.

I was revelling the sight and several thoughts within myself. Two young girls and one middle-aged Korean-looking face approached me and greeted me. I smiled back heartily. One of the pretty girl with long-black-over-coat told me they doing some sort of survey and if she could ask me some questions regarding the same. In reply, I said I would try my best.

“Do you know where will you go after you die?” Her first question baffled me. I laughed retorting what kind of survey you doing.

“Let’s suppose, you die today. Do you know where will you go after you die and what will happen to you”? She asked again with that persistent look.

I could not help but laugh. “ I am too busy living life. I don’t ponder over death and what will happen afterwards. Even if I die now, I don’t really care where I go. I mean who would think about such things. That’s ridiculous. How would one know where they go after they die? Did anyone who died ever come back to tell us that? I am sorry, I don’t know. As a matter of fact, I really don’t care.” I was happy with what I explained, thought that would shut her mouth.

“But you should know about it. Have you heard about heaven and hell? Where do you think you will go, Heaven or Hell?” There she reprimands me again.

“Jesus! I told you I don’t know. They say if you do good deed, you go to heaven. If bad, you go to hell. Probably I might go to heaven if I count more good deeds I have done so far but I really don’t care even if I go to hell. I will try to enjoy wherever.” (In my commanding voice)

“ Ahh! That’s good.” The pretty face spoke again. The other girl and that man just kept standing and smiling, gazing my face intently.

Before that girl could say anything else, I demanded an answer “ Tell me, do you know where you will go after your death?” Pretty girl had her lips widened and with so much certainty, replied “Heaven.”

“How are you so sure that you will go to Heaven after death?”
“ I know it. Because I am in God’s Path.”
“ Oh, Wow. What’s God Path?
“ Have you heard about Jesus Christ? What religion you come from?”

I, definitely know about Christ. My little subconscious mind yells “Jesus” at every little things that go wrong or things that surprises me, leaving other people with the notion that I come from Christianity religion. I told them, I was brought up in a Hindu religion and Buddhism tradition but if I have to really identify myself with the religion, I would rather love to call myself “liberally-spiritual”. They looked at me with amazement and caught me smiling back.

I always enjoyed this sort of conversation about God and religion, which has no end at all. I was also curious to know if they were born Christians. The-Black-coat girl said she was and the other girl shared how she turned to Christianity from Buddhism. I could not help but ask why Christianity? She suggested people need conformity in religion, so as where to go after death. And, she discovered that the path to the heaven is through the Christ’s Way.

Whoa! I had a disgusted look as if someone had splashed handful of wet mud in my face. Not because, she turned into Christian. She absolutely has every right to do whatever she likes. What appalled me was, “Why are they so obsessed with that HEAVEN thing?”

I wanted to finish-up this conversation quickly as it was sickening me.

“Well, my coffee is getting cold. Can I please just know what’s the purpose of our conversation? Can we just stick to the main point what you really want from me?” I wished if they understand my agitation by now.

“ We sorry. We don’t really need anything from you. We just are sharing good words of GOD. We have been able to perceive this God’s path and we want every human being to go through it and make life better for themselves so that they can go to heaven after the death.” The same black-coat girl justified their presence in a polite tone.

Effortlessly, I could assume that they wanted me to follow the God’s path, which is through Jesus Christ. I clearly put it in the picture, that I am not easy to be convinced for whatever they been gloating about.
“Wow! That’s a commitment. How nice of you guys to go around in this chilly night to share good words of God. Appreciable!” I showed my admiration.

“But I am sorry, if you are done with your little-survey-thing, I would like to go catch my train for home.” I wanted to run-away from them. They thanked me saying it was nice talking to me and I replied “Same here” and got myself going.

I walked to the train station and after I got seated myself in the train, I thought of all those people I have come across (too many) here and there, spreading good words of God, wanting people to follow their prescribed religion. I always wondered what motivates and drives people to act that way. And, I recalled all those conversation I just had few minutes back,

“What in heaven’s name was that all about????”



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