Father’s Day Poem – “DAD”

Author: Cekha Karki

Like a spark of lightening
When it comes to my mind
I gaze with the smile, turning into louder laughter
Oh I’m the princesses
Beautiful dream
It’s the dream of angel
It’s the dream of princesses, dad
To build our own home
To paint it with the colors of rainbows
Where we can shade our life to the fullest
To make our land most beautiful
To gather laughter and joys
To give life so many colors
To make you dad proud
To let u know
That the little girl do
Just the way you dream
Dad, when you will turn into old man
Dad, this little girl will stand by your side
Just the way you do now
Whisper you to have courage of your adulthood
You are the moral person
You are the leader
You are the hero and dad
You are the best dad in the world
Dad, seeing you, my childhood revives within me
Giving so many nicknames, pampering me
With love and care
Showing me the right paths
You take me to my destination.



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