nlocate ‘locate things nearby’



Internet penetration is increasing in the valley and in the country of late. Internet based services have been sprouting following this very trend. With a vision to provide seamless, hassle-free and comprehensive local search service, distinguishes itself in this landscape. aims to help you “Locate things nearby”.

Say you are at New Road and you want to buy a dress. You don’t have the money and you’re not sure if there’s your bank’s ATM nearby. With, you can search ‘ATM’ or ‘your-bank-name’, choose to use your current location, and it will show you the ATMs/bank branches sorted by the distance from you. Click on any result, it’ll show a detailed information view along with the corresponding map.


You can also search by a movie name to get a list of what theaters are showing that movie, the timings and contact information. A short list of what search items are available include hospitals, petrol pumps, hotels, restaurants, schools and govt. offices among other things.


The nLocate team says that the list of features (or search terms) will be gradually increased over the coming weeks. For the next iteration, the team said that they will work on deep integration with hospitals and the doctors that work there, and that this will be followed by food places and other local businesses.

If you are a business or an organization who wants to gets listed on the nlocate website, you can easily do that by clicking on ‘Register Your Business’ at the top-right of the nlocate website. Registration is free of cost, and this medium can be good medium to extend your reach to potential customers/visitors.

nLocate started as a mobile app that presented you information about the places, businesses and services around you. This has evolved into a fully functioning web application, and the team says that updates to the mobile versions are in the pipeline. You can still download the old versions of the apps from Google Play Store for android and from Appstore on iOS devices.
Launched around two weeks ago, is quickly gaining traction. The site is getting 10,000 searches per week, and this number growing. The team is working meticulously to iron out the rough edges and to add new features.

Enough said. Why don’t you look up for some coffee (Remember to change the location to current.)



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