Thierry Henry Legend

My Idol: Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry

A World champion, A European champion, An Invincible, A treble Winner, the man is King Thierry Henry.

He is the name my father told me when I asked him about football. He was the reason I started loving Arsenal and football. I was blessed in this World to see Henry playing at his peak, potentially one of the greatest players in the world and even if you supported another team you couldn’t help but enjoy watching him play.

He is a True Legend, the most technically gifted footballer ever to play the beautiful game. I was blessed to see his game which was built around incredible pace, power and finishing, not to mention the ability to read the game better than most.

Of course we couldn’t let his retirement pass by without a look at his finest Arsenal moments.

His volley at Highbury against Manchester United
His pitch length dribble goal against local rivals Tottenham Hotspur
His beauty against Liverpool
His thunderbolt against Real Madrid

Back in the summer of 2006, I was so down when I heard that Titi was leaving us. But there was always a hope that someday he will return to us and finally some years later he joined us on loan. I cried when he scored his comeback goal against Leeds in FA Cup. It was beyond belief, I thought I was dreaming.

But today, 16th Dec, 2014 I’ve a mixed feeling when I heard that he is retiring. I’ve full respect on his retirement but somewhere deep down I was feeling sad because I won’t be able to see him as a player on the pitch again.

Thierry Henry is my idol. Searing pace, poise and a wonderful finish is what I had always seen in him. He is irreplaceable not only for arsenal but even in the list of footballing legend. I can’t believe that it’s over.

It will be Sad to see him go, but he exuded confidence and class. Merci for all the wonderful memories you gave us!!

What an absolute privilege it was to see him in an Arsenal shirt week in week out. My best memories of Arsenal are also of Henry. Hope someday he comes back as a coach to lead his Team to the glory.

Long Live the LEGEND. Long Live King Thierry Henry.

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AUTHOR: Injal Bhattarai

My name Is Injal Bhattarai. I passed my SLC from Nava Jyoti College. With an aim of being an engineer, I joined kMC. I am currently studying in grade 12. People say I am too much funny. I crack humorous jokes with every people. I love people criticizing me because because of this i know my mistakes and then i get chance to correct myself, but i don’t like people not noticing my presence. I am an arsenal fan, a proud one actually and may be because of this even my parents call me a gunner. I am very passionate about writing because i think pen is the most dangerous thing a man has made. I sing as well, singing is my passion.



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