10 Youth Organizations in Nepal that Develop Potential of Young People

Youths are the change-makers of the society. If guided, motivated and inspired they can change the destiny of not just themselves but the entire nation. Irony is that in Nepal, everyday thousands of youths are leaving Nepal in search of better opportunity making Nepal nation which have now decreased number of independent population.

Here are the popular ten organizations of Nepal that work in the sector of youths and ultimately attempt to motivate them so that by doing something for themselves they can ultimately contribute to the nation.

It is a personal and leadership development organization that aims to motivate and inspire to develop oneself and become skilled aware and motivated human resource through unique designs, campaigns, training, motivational seminars and projects. It tries to bring best out of people and nurture the quality that they possess.


Dayitwa is a platform for the passionate Nepalese youth with a desire to contribute in development of new and progressive Nepal. The youth selected as the Dayitwa Fellows work with different Nepali public agencies and members of parliament for a given period of time. During this period they work on a specific component of high priority national projects starting from planning to providing recommendations for impactful deliverables under the mentorship of national, international experts and academicians. Dayitwa Initiative strives to ignite the self­-responsibility in Nepali youth for public service by nurturing their collaborative leadership towards a thriving and better Nepal.

ChangeFusion Nepal promotes social entrepreneurship within the country. ChangeFusion Nepal was founded in September 2008 to help local youth direct their vision and skills towards benefiting people and the planet through social entrepreneurship. We support those young Nepalese with the most innovative ideas to solve social and environmental problems using four components: Mentor-ship, Knowledge, Funding and Networking.


As the name suggests YUWA is a non-profit organization purely led by youths and working to promote youth participation through empowerment and advocacy. The organization also work actively for creating youth-adult partnership in several issues so that youths’ energy and counterpart generation’s experience can be mixed for creating a better society.

youth for blood

Youth for blood is a non-profit organization led purely by youths who are devoted for welfare of society. In this organization youths try to encourage and inspire people to donate blood and provide fresh blood to the needy ones. Not only has it provided the blood for needy ones it also tries to educate the youth about significance of blood donation. Besides YFB also tries to create a channel through which access of needy people to the donor can be easier.

open space nepal

The organization aims to unite young people and provide them platform to interact with others, develop skills and take leadership while conducting any activities. It tries to activate youths in three thematic areas: advocacy through media, education and innovation. It is moving forward with the vision where youths are aware that rights and responsibility go hand in hand.

youth action nepal
The mission of YOAC is to educate, engage and empower youths in nation building process by making them responsible to contribute at the local, national and international level. They actively attempt to indulge youths in volunteering, partnership, active participation in activities and establish the sense of responsibility so that their mission can be achieved as well as youths can be beneficiary by being its part.

Youth Initiative is the organization run by and for youths to develop their potential and attempt to bring positive change in the society. It have been working in the field of youth empowerment, strengthening the students and youth politics, promotion of civic engagement, democratization and human rights in Nepal. For achieving its motive it organizes youths and conducts various projects at certain interval of times.

teach for nepal
To address the immediate need for education equity in Nepal, and to bring long term systemic change, Teach for Nepal believes that we need a sustained social movement of individuals who are committed to ensuring that all children in Nepal receive quality education.
Teach for Nepal recruits outstanding university graduates and young professionals from all fields to teach in high-need public schools for two years. Selected applicants will receive training and support in transformational teaching to make an immediate impact in the classroom.

Last but not the least is our organization Youth Legend. We are not just only youth online magazine of Nepal.
Youth Legend is an ultimate platform for young people to share their stories, get inspired and appreciated. We aim to hear, guide, encourage and witness the journey of different young people in the country through our different activities.

Do you know other amazing youth organizations of Nepal? Share with us in the comment below:



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