what is god?

Religion, God, Life and Truth – What I See and What I feel

I was never taught to pray until the age of 12, and after 12, I myself refused to pray. I refused the idea of worshiping statues and following the preset norms of our culture.

Many encounters were such, that forced me to question myself. Last year, many Nepalese united to claim that Buddha was born in Nepal. All best efforts were made. But, there were only a few to explore and follow the teachings of Buddha.

Has the sanity of man died out already to claim possession of the most non-violent person ever existed on earth through protest?

Isn’t it enough to prove that we only KNOW what Lord Buddha had taught us and that we don’t really UNDERSTAND what he actually taught. Moreover, Buddha never focused on nationality. It was on peace of mind.

People in our world call Jesus Christ, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Mohammed as founders of different religions. But, they were actually the preachers of love and truth.

They never aimed to create a distinct religion for their pure love and truth.

It is in fact, the interpretation of ignorant people creating a long code of conducts in the name of religious practices. These barely reflect their teaching of love and truth, do they?

When every divinity is offered by nature and life gets beautiful along with nature, I see no value in a religion that breaks the laws of nature.

Humans, by nature need food for survival. We people here become pure not eating in the name of God throughout the worship period. Sin is committed by having physical relation with opposite sex until declared by a lavish marriage ceremony. But in contrast, nature offered two different human bodies and souls by birth.

Chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaye’ is getting close to god for many of us. But, this literally means “I honor the divinity that resides within me”. It’s not visiting any temple praying in front of any statue.

Well, I have never been able to explore any mystery of life through prayers, nor, I believe, has anyone or ever will, when I know that divinity dwells inside me, not in the prayers.

There are a thousand of saints in our surrounding who ask for food the whole day. What is in their sacredness, where they have learnt to depend on others for food? Making living without sweating a bit or any offering to mankind throughout their lifetime?

We live in a place where an immortal God is so much protected that we have no time to protect mortal, living creatures.

Girls are offered to God. Parents suppress their undeniable love just for the code of conduct created by our religion. Oh! Let me correct myself here, created by the so-called followers of our religion.

We do good things because we fear God not because we believe in love. We work because we fear failure, poverty and humiliation. There is no space provided to enlighten our souls. Life then is a slave of fear, not freedom.

We live in a society where, marriage is a must but love, trust and honesty are just a mere co-incidence.

Funeral ceremony is a responsibility but care for our elders is an expense.

Earning for better living is a waste of money but spending for organizing feast and parties is a prestige. Honest confession is a mistake but a lie with diplomacy is a trait of being disciplined. Protesting against a problem is being a pessimist but being a part of the problem itself is being an optimist.

Success is having position and power but a simple living with wisdom is failure.

I refuse to show conformity to our norms. I just look at this crowd from rooftop standing alone, just smiling and self-content.



Bibita Koirala, 21 is a student of BBA. She enjoys some parts of management studies but her desire is to contribute in writing and creating new things. She is also interested in artistic works like designing, sketching, decorating and all sorts of art work. She would like to pursue her works in writing providing social messages in order to create differences in thoughts of people so that we can have better living, education and thinking. People consider her a bit introvert and self sufficient and guided mostly by internal drives and is affected less by the influence of surrounding. She has recently become a nature lover.



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