Youth Opinion – What Nepalese Youth say about Nepal Banda / Strike ?

Nepal Banda or Strike has been common in Nepal. Many groups, parties call for Nepal Banda for different reasons as a form of protest. These days many voices have been raised to stop Banda forever. We asked some of the Nepalese young people to share their views on Nepal Banda and here is their opinion on Nepal Banda. Please, feel free to share your opinion on the comments too.

Sajak Upadhyaya

Strike has grown on us like a crescent moon grows on the Lunar Phase. Having the daily routine affected every month by the greed of the politicians, we have almost started to accept it as the part of our calendar. In a world where Pen is considered to be mightier than sword the first instinct of people have been to resolute to violence every time something doesn’t go their way. And with a developing country like ours the economy just gets a low blow with every day of striker not to mention thousands of people who work on ratchets of street to meet their livelihood.

    For any problem closing up is never a solution, opening up is.

Getting on the mutual terms will always be far more beneficial to everyone involved than shutting down everything and causing lot of negatives for bare minimum.

Anisha Luintel

Banda is basically a process of protest. It is not an answer to questions. It is yet another question or a process of drawing government’s and people’s attention to a problem or a question and pressurize the people in power and authority to listen to what the opposing/demanding sides have to say. Right, general people are the ones whose daily life is most affected by this.

    But I think Banda can be necessary sometimes. To oppose things that may bring more dangerous long term consequences in the future to the whole nation.

If a days’ difficulty can lead to protesting against more possible difficulties, then Banda can come as “last weapon” of protest. But banda should be minimum. Ambulance, Police, Media and emergency transportation must be allowed to move in any forms of Bandha and it should be peaceful. And lastly, banda kartas should first appeal for consensus from the general people for it and make the reason for bandha clear.

Arun Bhandari

Strike is not really a good thing. But in a democratic country like ours, it is one of the ways to protest. Today Nepal would not have changed if the movement of 2062/63 had not taken place.

    As far as I know “To bring big changes, strike is inevitable”.

There is an exception that, strike has adverse in a case every party start this for their unfulfilled demand. It has been a tradition nowadays. It is an effective alternative to make your voice heard because they are not heard nowadays until you pressurize them with a strike.“Malai ni banda ta maanpardaina but kaile kai relief huncha kaam bata, cycling janalai fursad paincha, road khali huncha so ramailai huncha banda bhako bela.”

Kripa Sigdel

When the whole country (especially political parties) should be focusing on drafting constitution, them rather calling strikes is such a frustrating and saddning fact. I do not understand the whole point of Banda (strikes).

    Also, how can a group of 15 have power over normal livelihood of 1500 people?

But good part is We are Speaking up and the day is not far when we all be living our normal daily life even some random political party promote the strike because of so and so reason.


Sujan Shrestha

    If ‘Banda’ would have been effective then we would have lesser problems than we are facing right now.

Its good that people are getting irked by the strikes cause they are now actively opposing the strikes and this should continue. And for the parties who plan to call for the strikes, its advisable that it will have a reverse effect and they should worry more about the next election.

Ashmita Karki

Bandhs and strikes have been a bred-in-the-bone concern these days. Either it be school going kids or working personnels, every one is being victim of their ramifications. Don’t these protesters realize this or are they outstandingly farsighted to overlook the harm caused by these bandhs.

    They say whatever they’re doing is for the good of people, while it only brings halts everywhere and in everyone’s life?


Amulya Shrestha

For six years this so called 601 suck ups have showed us the hope of getting constitution but they took our hopes for granted. Firstly, they deserve sentence to death. Secondly, when the deadline is near,” Yo kaam napako manxey haruley banda garne rey. Marna nasakeko haru maryo vane iniharko chop ani tandoori banos. Jutta ko mala layera purai desh ghumaunuparxa dakaharulai.”They have played with the feelings of many youths like me who have deep love and sense of contribution towards the country.

    Our future is in stake because all I see is dead end in youth’s future.

“Afno deshko pragati vako dekna chahanxu but yo chahana mai simit nahos.”



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