5 Entrepreneurship Lessons You Can Learn From Mountaineers!

Mountaineers have gone through a number of adventures, many of them potentially life-threatening, dangerous, and sometimes life-affirming. They take away many important lessons and bits and pieces of wisdom from their experiences.

It may seem strange, but these lessons can be applied to several fields unrelated to mountaineering, such as entrepreneurship.

Here are just a few of the entrepreneurship lessons we think mountaineers can teach entrepreneurs for the latter’s benefit and success in their ventures:

1. Preparation Is The Key

A mountaineer has to prepare for every possibility. On a mountain, certain equipment, tools or knowledge can be the difference between life and death. The same is the case when you’re an entrepreneur.

Preparation is everything because you’re the one who’s responsible no matter what happens. Before your business even starts, you have the responsibility to try and predict every problem and outcome, equipping yourself with the tools to deal with them.

2. Slow And Steady Wins The Race

When climbing a mountain, it’s easy to get caught up in the fervor and rush of the adventure, and then trying to climb as fast as you can. This leads to burning out during the time when you most need your strength, which is the last leg of the climb.

Similar to this, an entrepreneur needs to know how to save energy for the tasks that really matter. Expunging all your time, energy money and assets on setting up an office will leave very little space for further investment, repairs, and other assets for a business that are far more important.

3. Stagnancy Is Not An Option

An experienced mountaineer knows that a mountain climb can be hard work, even leading to frustration when nothing seems to be working out. In tough times, the motto should be ‘just keep going’ no matter what.

Entrepreneurs would do well to adopt this stance as well if they want their businesses to succeed. Not all days can be good in any project, and a business involves taking risks and sometimes suffering losses.

However, these setbacks shouldn’t get you down, but make you determined to succeed. If you keep on working hard, the problem won’t be there after time.

4. Know When To Step Back

It’s easy for a mountaineer to get carried away in the face of such a huge task as scaling a mountain. A strenuous task like mountaineering can deprive them of physical strength.
There are times when they ignore their water intake and diet requirements which can easily result in dehydration and deficiencies in daily nutrients and it can have implications on their ability to perform.

Similarly, entrepreneurs also need to be wary of the time when they should take some rest before they suffer burnout or for the worse a nervous breakdown.

5. Teamwork Produces Results

Climbing a mountain is almost impossible without a team. A mountaineer needs to know when to ask for help and when to accept it.

Similarly, the entrepreneurs may want all the glory and responsibility themselves, but the truth is that no successful man has ever achieved the success alone.
So you should not feel too proud to ask for help when you need it as it is a team that makes a business successful and not individuals.

Moral Of The Story…

Entrepreneurs need all the help they can get while starting a business. Taking tips from mountaineers provides them valuable lessons about how they can make their business a success.

Knowing what to expect and dealing with problems is an essential part of being an entrepreneur.

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