5 Habits To Become Smarter and Improve IQ

Intelligence is not something that we can acquire in a day or two. In fact, it needs to be learned with deliberate efforts to enhance our intellectual skills. As humans, we are bestowed by nature with several innate qualities, skills and abilities, such as logic, memory, adaptive behavior and self-awareness to name a few.

Intelligence is not just a blessing for the lucky ones and anyone can enhance this facet of human beings by adopting a certain lifestyle. In this article, you will find some of the habits that can improve your IQ and make you smarter as a person:

1. Learn Asking Questions

This world is an enigma that holds many mysteries you would want to unravel. The only way you can discover those mysteries is by learning to question things around you. In other words, you need to develop a knack for asking the question about things that challenge your intellect.

Did you ever think what makes the seven colors of Rainbow? And how people around the world have different colors of skin? Or did you ever question why it’s a morning in the United States of America while it is night in the Japan?

Taking an inquisitive approach towards the universe broadens your knowledge and opens your intellectual horizons.

2. Develop a Taste in Reading Books

Books expose you to the treasure of knowledge. They make you more aware of the world around you and even the world miles away from the Earth. However, reading does more good than just increasing your exposure to the world.

Making a daily habit of reading improves your memory, enhances analytical skills and reinforces focus. Reading also stimulates your mind and keeps you alert throughout the day.

3. Spend Time With Intelligent People

Intelligence is an art that you need to learn from people who possess this talent. Therefore, you should make it a point to spend at least some time in the company of intelligent people. The best way you can do this by asking for their help when you are caught in a difficult situation.

Their valuable advice will not only provide you with a new perspective on a matter, it will also help you tackle it with a sensible approach. Similarly, you can engage with them in productive idea sharing sessions where each of you can share your opinions about a subject. All these excuses will serve as a way to induce in you the art of smart thinking.

4. Learn Something New Every Day

This world is full of many wonderful things that are worth learning. Have a taste in music? Make an attempt to play guitar. Love the different foods? Try your hands in cooking. Fed up of waiting in queue to catch the office conveyance, learn driving the car.

Similarly, there is dysfunctional stuff that asks for our attention but we tend to overlook them due to our ignorance with the repairing method. Do your damaged garage doors give you a headache? Learn to fix them with the help of DIY book. Does your leaked tap spoil your day? Try to mend it by watching an online tutorial video.

Learning new things not only makes you smarter as a person, it also saves your valuable money and time.

5. Learn About Different Cultures on the Internet

The Internet is a heaven of knowledge. Today, it is the biggest platform to find information on any topic. With the emergence of blogging, community forums, and social media, it has opened new avenues to information. The biggest advantage of this development emerges in the form of cross-cultural interaction.

Getting active on these platforms can enrich your knowledge of the different cultures, people, literature, art and languages around the world. What can be more convenient than getting to know the various facets of human cultures with just a click of the mouse?

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Final Thoughts…

Intelligence is not about solving a complex mathematical equation or answering a riddle, it is about enlightening your mind and this is the purpose that this article seeks to serve to the readers. Hope, it inspires you enough to change your lifestyle and adopt these 5 habits to become smarter.

good habits to open up your mind

AUTHOR: Jasmine Demeester

Jasmine Demeester is a speaker, writer and influencer. She works for a Dissertation Writing Service which assists students in academies. She is also a blogger who educate people about life hacks, relationship management and financial freedom.