Branding Yourself – How To Build A Strong Personal Brand?

A company can spend quite a lot of money to build a brand but when referring to personal brand; it is not usually a possibility. According to specialists, the brand is a name that will remain in the mind of prospects.

Adidas is a brand and Harley Davidson is also a brand. In a similar fashion, Donald Trump and Bill Gates can be seen as great examples of personal branding.

The only real problem is that it takes quite a lot of time to build personal brands. It is an uphill battle and you need to do everything right in order to constantly grow.

The 2 Important Parts Of Branding Yourself and building a strong personal brand:

You should never just stay focused on your career. Try to build a brand at the same time. This can be done when you:

1. Define your unique abilities and who you are – it is a good idea to try to define you with the use of just one concept or sentence. For instance, you can define you as “a professional that never missed a deadline”. See how many good things you can say about yourself as this is a great starting point in branding.

2. See how others see you – Ask family members and friends to be honest. Talk with your neighbors and colleagues at work. It is vital that you see how others see you and that you make sure that this is similar to what you want others to see you like.

In the past there were not many things that could have been done in order to build a really strong personal brand because there are so many limitations. Now things changed and we actually have many different channels that one can use. The problem is that some work better than others. If you want to start a good personal branding campaign, you need to take it one step at a time and use the best tools.

Tools for branding yourself and To build a strong personal brand:

The evolution of social media made it a lot easier to increase personal brands. Nowadays social technology makes it easy to be known and people can notice you. In fact, there are sites that are especially created in order to promote personal brands and the identities of the individual. With this in mind, because of the evolution of technology, we can use the following tools with ease in personal branding:

1. Business Cards – we mention them first because people are used with them. They were used in the past for branding purposes and they still work today. Just make sure that you give them to those that should know more about you and those that you want as contact. Just handing out business cards randomly does not work.

2. Portfolio – having a portfolio that showcases the work you did in the past is always a good idea. It does not matter what industry you are in. When people see what you did in the past, they are much more likely to remember you.

3. Website or Blog – you might love blogging or you might hate it but it surely can do wonders for personal branding. Try to create a niched personal blog in order to promote just you and the benefits will soon follow.

4. Social Profiles – this includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Having a presence in these sites allows you to connect with many professionals in the industry, connect and get known by as many people as possible.

5. Video Resumes – this is not necessarily obligatory but it can help out. Videos are loved b people and you can take advantage of that.

6. Your Wardrobe – no matter what you might think now, when people see you they will automatically think something about you. What you wear counts for personal branding.

7. Your Email Address – we have to mention this as there are many professionals out there that have an email address like That is very damaging. Make sure that your email is professional, no matter what work you do. It will help out more than an ID created while you were in college.

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Closing Thoughts
Always remember the fact that personal branding is not easy but it is necessary. Always think about your career goals, your strengths and the aspirations that you have. This will help you to control what you show others and what your benefits are. No matter how hard it gets, it is worth every minute that you put into personal branding.
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