WISE Learner’s Program 2015

Deadline: April 30, 2015
Where: Qatar and Spain.
Date: The first will take place January 3-15, 2016 in Doha, Qatar and the second June 1-14,2016 in Madrid, Spain.
Age: 18 to 25 years

The WISE Learners’ Voice Program brings the perspectives of young people to the challenge of rethinking education, and equips them to take on leading roles in their fields and in the world of education. The Program is based on the idea that when learners are co-creators of their learning environments, they become active participants invested as stakeholders in the progress of their communities. The Program focuses on building knowledge of education, social entrepreneurship, leadership, and communication skills.

WISE is now seeking a new group of outstanding young learners aged 18 to 25 to join this growing global community. The learners can apply or be nominated to take part in the Program. The selected group will participate in a series of activities throughout the year, beginning with the WISE Pre-Summit and Summit event in Doha, November 1-5, 2015. They will continue their engagement in the year-long Program throughout 2016.

Qatar Foundation will cover all Program-related expenses, including flights and accommodation, for the selected Learners.


– Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 25 on November 1, 2015.
– Participants must be able to travel to Doha, Qatar, and be able and willing to participate in the full, mandatory WISE Learners’ Voice event beginning on November 1, 2015 and ending on November 5, 2015.
– Participants must be able to take part in two mandatory residential sessions (10 days each) from January 3–15, 2016 in Doha, Qatar, and June 1–14, 2016 in Madrid, Spain.
– Participants must be willing to contribute to online discussions prior to the event and to work with the WISE Team to prepare for a successful WISE Summit.
– Participants must be able to continue their involvement with the Learners’ Voice Program following the WISE Summit, and participate in all Program events and activities during the remainder of 2015 and throughout 2016.
– All participants must hold a passport that is valid for at least 18 months following the WISE Summit dates of November 3-5, 2015.

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