Love Letters – Thank You by Pratikshya

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A thank you note…

True love enhances you and not stresses you everyone said. And I was like is it actually possible? The movies, dramas; Korean dramas to be precise made some fairy tale perception towards love among the girl and frankly I was no different. Several times I was often fantasizing my prince charming would be so and so. I liked tall guys and often would imagine that “him” to be tall and filled with skills of sports and music.

Then I happen to fall in this beautiful trap of my teenage. He almost had all the qualities that I ever imagined my prince charming would have. Years of friendship and finally we were together. I felt like I was not only reading a fairy tale but also living it. The way that sound used to leave me mesmerized, the way that touch used to leave me dumb-founded everything was like a dream with an open eye.

Only child of my parents, I was always stubborn and difficult kind of person to be handled yet the way he could calm my temper, my frustration and what not? But then who can sleep for all life isn’t it? I had to wake up…I had to wake up from the dream for which I could have slept for lifetime.

With the blink of an eye he went far from me. He said he wouldn’t be there for me only during the pretty parts, he said he was there forever, to love me to hold my hand forever.

But no without letting me even properly realize that the beautiful future of togetherness that I had been dreaming was now broken into pieces. I was shattered, broken, lonely, frustrated and filled with rage and so much of negativity. I literally begged him, cried like a fool in the middle of the road, almost got hit by bus, stood in front of his house for hours and requested him to take me back in his life.

But No! He wouldn’t change…he was determined I was now just his history and he was happy without me. Now, there was miss ever so cheerful who from being in cloud9 changed into a gloomy cloud day that was not just sad herself but made everyone around her suffer. I would get frustrated, cry endlessly and lock myself in room for hours.

Then she came into my life. It’s not like she wasn’t there for me before but the way she handled me was like a miracle. Yes! My mother, Aamaa. From my first date to my first fight I used to share everything with her which a girl share usually with her best friend and there she was my best friend.

Not only she handled me, sometimes when I cried bitterly she used to shed her tears for my shake and my heart used to hurt more to see her in pain. Bit by bit, step by step she took care of me. I don’t know how a lady without a formal education and with traditional upbringing got so much of patience to handle her daughter’s breakup pain with her boyfriend who dumped her like a trash.

She never told me I was wrong to choose him rather she told me it was my lesson on how to know people better. She explained me how this was going to make me stronger and wiser in the future days to come. But I was not very convinced. Of course everything is easier being said than done and so was the case with me. Today I would be strong and tomorrow broken again. Still she stood like a rock between the flowing river ever so strong and deep-rooted. I gave up everything my profession, my studies, my social life frankly, I gave up on myself but she didn’t. She was sure that her daughter would sooner or later make it.

And slowly her positivity took me over. I was slowly changed and progressing. I started going out and getting myself back. Sure, there were times when I would go back to that painful zone yet with her support I could bounce back anytime.

This is 2015 and that was me in 2012. Years after this incident I’m again pursuing everything that I lost or shall I say left it. This valentine I can only wish you and tell you that it’s because of you Aamaa that I’m able to start all over again and start even in a strong way. Sometimes when I feel alone I remember the energy you give me and I again feel positive. My every valentine and its days hug day, kiss day, rose day and everything else is dedicated to you. Thank you for being my best friend with whom I can share my every little story.

I still have long way to go but someday I will make up to you for all those tears and pain that I ever gave to you but till then let me express my gratitude towards you by this thank you not and let me wish you a very happy valentine day.

P.S: Now I not only know but also live by it that true love enhances you and not stresses you and it’s just that this love can arrive in any form in any relation.

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Question and Answer with Pratikshya

1. Tell us more about you

I am Pratikshya Poudel originally from Pokhara. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in K and K International College in Social Work. I used to work as radio jockey in Pokhara. Now, I’m working in an organization called Asia Association of Education and Exchange and as radio skit artist initiated by Youth Action Nepal.

I like to spend my time reading novels except autobiographies. Sometimes I find myself a bit workaholic. I enjoy listening to music and dancing. I love watching comedy videos in youtube especially videos made by superwoman, TheFungBros, buzzfeed etc.

I am a food lover and I often crave for dishes weirdly at very wrong time. Spaghetti, Chicken, Sweets are some of the dishes I can eat at any given time. In the future, I aim to be a social worker and contribute to the society from my space. I also wish to again pursue my radio career after taking break for some years.

2. What love means to you?

Love for me is magical feeling which holds your spirit in the darkest hours of your life and gives you courage to move ahead. I don’t believe in letting someone go if you love them kind of stuffs. I am kind of stubborn when it comes to people I love. I believe in giving someone so much of love that you will never have what if(s) to say later on.

3. Did you dedicate this letter to someone or it was a sheer imagination ?

Being educated doesn’t make you liberal my mom proves that in her way she is illiterate yet she is so cool that she is more like my best friend. This letter is purely dedicated to my mother.

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