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This is one of the Top 6 love letters in love letter writing competition.


Dear Love,

It is a great undertaking to write a letter for you. I possibly cannot explain even the slightest realization that I have around you. Because you explode me in the symphony of universe. You make me an artist, a poet in utter awe and beauty. I might never be able to fully explain what I feel. And I might never need to. Because love is felt, love touches the deepest core of two beings. Love evolves to devotion. And devotion is unconditional. How can I explain something which is unconditional?

Life plays miraculous songs of devotion. And to feel and live such music is rare, very rare. But I feel those rare songs around you. And you make me your song. Your own symphony. The symphony of the universal imaginarium. A universal reality which only exist for lovers.

I might be all dramatic, but life is meant to be a drama. An epic drama writing itself into pages of infinite memories and universal gestures. And of-course beauty, everything in life is beautiful and you prove that.

You radiate.

Around you I feel a spherical motion, as if the galaxy is igniting something deep from you to me, and expanding everywhere else. The body undergoes the earthly culmination of material cataclysm. And with you I evolve.

Every successive moment embeds into the glory of realization. May be the earth’s axis is flirting with our transformation. We were evolving during the Sumerian age, and in every millennium we evolved into the symphony of pure devotion.

And our beingness sounds the memory of light. This is not simple to explain. or understand. It takes a tremendous effort. Your aura exploring my atmosphere and spreading throughout my existence.

How do I explain this? I cannot.

This transmigration of soul is boundless, and indescribable. Our circles and cycles are the substance of ultimate, and our origins are unknown. This body is just the outside of the eternal inside. And I love you whole.

Internal & integral.

So,Take a leap of faith, JUMP.

Because we live in an emotional proximity,
where each of your breath reaches mine.
And our story is minuting itself into the blocks of
internal fractions. Where every friction is
immeasurably real, and virtually fulfilling the deepest core.
And with you, squares are triangles in
transcendence. And rectangles are circles
making love to stars. You are art.

Art is never easy.
Art is self conscious.
Art is life. Art is real.
Art is engaging.
Art is instinctively beautiful.
Art is you.

Between your wisdom and
my trembling craziness is home.
Art is home.
Art is love.
Art is you.

I love you. 🙂

Question and Answer with Adarsha

1. Tell us more about you

I have always had trouble introducing myself. If I am what is given to me, I am a name. My parents named me Adarsha. But I am not just a name. The name is just a tagline to that, which actually represents this person.

This Adarsha’ness. Generally when someone asks me to introduce myself in the internet. I reply; ‘I am just a cup. The universe poured some tea. I accepted. I am an endless character, so many roots, so many branches, but one tree. We are all connected to those roots. That wildreness, that lucidity. Faceless.’

I also take classes on meditation, spirituality, leadership, motivation and creativity. From a very young age, I have been jumping into the realm of spiritual integrity and creative cultivation. I recently competed my bachelors in business from Cardiff Metropolitan University. Currently, I am letting myself explore the possibilities of life in all regards.

I am also a blogger. I have been blogging since 2012. Blogging for me started as a hobby, then it became a habit. And lately a poetic and artful experience of learning, unlearning and relearning. The blog I am maintaining is called ‘More than words’. Recently I started a video blog in YouTube called ‘Meanings Beyond Dictionary’. Though I do informally blog from my own YouTube channel.

What interests me is the possibility for us as humans to explore the incomprehensible elasticity of the cosmos. I am interested and in love with information, language, words, imagination, universe, psychedelia, poetry, literature and the Pandora’s box of possibilities.

I have a very simple dream, to live today and to live today completely. My mamu always taught me to be sincere, rather than serious. And with a sincere thought explore everything beyond the comfort zone. My dream is to connect the two dots of possibilities and become the engineer of creating the dimension beyond limitations, here and now.

2. What love means to you?

Love to me is the primary trigger of awakening. Its the archaic and primordial force of nature. Love lets us drop our own projection and accept life beyond our own ego. Love is the experience of consciousness. Love is the complete acceptance.

To me love is the eternal splendor that connects the whole humanity. Something wonderful and miraculous. Love is the continuous revelation of life. But whatever I say of love is not love. And that’s a very beautiful contradiction.

3. Did you dedicate this letter to someone or it was a sheer imagination ?

It is dedicated to someone who has created miracles in my life. Words would be less to say anything of her.

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