Love Letters – Love, Come back soon by Avishek

love letter by avishek


Dear Love,

This word love takes me back to way another time. The time when I was 15 and used to peek at you, turning my head across many faces. The classroom without you would surely have proven to be dull and colorless. The innocent smile that we exchanged furtively was pulling each other to embrace. I was a shy child but it was your shyness that backed me up to whisper those magical words of togetherness.

Since then, you and I have always been “We”. We went to the same college and then university. We faced together, the happiness and adversity. It’s like we grew up, loving each other childishly. The legend that Bhaktapur has affinity to Lalitpur came into reality.

But now, it’s been a while since you’ve been gone. Oh my darling, I understand you must complete your higher studies, going abroad with the scholarship that you earned. You should enjoy your life but never forget where you from and where you belong ;). Yeah I’m bit jealous when you do salsa, even with those boys you don’t call handsome, and I wished I was that song which you danced on. I wish I was an occasion that you got drunk on. I wish I was an alarm that rung even when the slice of thing around you went wrong. I know you are a brave and confident girl but how I wish I was that courage and hope that you depended on.

Love, this year’s Feb without you would be a terrible miss. Last year, I remembered how we felt each other’s thing. All the little things you did turned me on and my heart was racing. You could feel my heartbeat, you kissed it and was caressing. Your big eye-lined eyes, pert nose, red glossy lips and wet-shampooed hair, sprang sometimes up on my face and sometimes down there.

Sweetheart, I love you much more than you love to eat. I owe my breath to god and thank you for putting life in it. Without you around, this Feb would pass thinking of you to be. When you last time left for your flight, a little part of me died inside. I had no idea how to unwind but tear streamed down, up all night. See, I am fond of you just like a child is fond of ice-cream and I’d scream with joy if you were beside me. Thinking of us, I feel it perfectly fits in a movie screen. Oh yeah, I’d be the king and you’d be my queen. So, love, come back soon, few more years and we’d stay happy, closed in one small room. We won’t care if its 12 at night or 12 noon. We’ll create our own world where only love blooms.

I’ve never written you a letter before but now I guess I’ve unlocked that door. Remembering our past and now thinking of future, like always, I begin to want you more. I’m trying to accommodate every feeling that I get. But I guess that not possible, because the feelings you give to me are infinite.

Avishek Shrestha

love letter by avishek

1. Tell us more about you

Wassup Everybody!!! I go by the name of Avishek Shrestha from Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur. The degree that I have achieved so far in education is Bachelor and it’s in Civil Engineering. I love listening music, watching English Premier League, playing basketball and writing at My dream is to become one of the influential personality of the country (in a good way).

2. What love means to you?

Love for me is a spiritual power, the power that takes you next to god. Love between parents & child, between a boy and a girl, between a dog and his owner, love between friends, and many other forms of love exists which I believe is a foundation for existence of world.

3. Did you dedicate this letter to someone or it was a sheer imagination ?

Yeah! I dedicated this letter to someone. That someone must be smiling reading this and am expecting a reply 😉 . Every words/sentences of my letter are true. My letter lacks imagination.

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