Love Letters – To Careless, Clumsy, Innocent Girl by Sajak

love letter by sajak

This is one of the Top 6 love letters in love letter writing competition.


Thousand of words I comprise
aren’t worth an ounce compared
to the joy you bring to my life
for the love we share
For you are one from my dream
the dream that came true
You are the half of my heart
I love you, I really do..

Dear Sunshine,
I might scramble with hundred of words and dive amongst deepest of Vocabs just to tell you what every moment with you have been, how you’ve managed to turn my world upside down and how that smile of yours lightens my world. If only words could explain how you fill the void in my world and make me feel complete.

You came into my life when I least expected and as they say, things happen when they have to happen ; you turned out to be by far the best thing that has ever happend to me. I could try and think of what made me fall for you; was it those big beautiful eyes of yours, or the bright smile of yours. Was it the way how you managed to make every simple thing look complicated, or how adoringly clumsy you could get on your works?

Honestly I will never find an answer to the question and nor could I explain in words what you mean to me. So this Valentines I want you know that you are the most imperfectly perfect person I have ever met and no words could ever come close to explaining what you mean to me.
I love you baby; Always Have, Always will.


love letter sajak

Question and Answer with Sajak

1. Tell us more about you

My name is Sajak Upadhyaya currently from mid Baneshwor, Studying in second year of B.Sc.IT atIIMS College Putalisadak; I happen to be an enthusiast for technology, literature and Sports. I love travelling, playing Violin and love to watch football.

2. What love means to you?

Love to me is something that binds two people closer, that intertwines two world together and provides comfort. It is the cushion where you can lay all your burdens and trust them to be at your side while you will do your all to do the same. Love is everything in the relation between mother and a child, Two best friends or that one particular person you dream of sharing your life with.

3. Did you dedicate this letter to someone or it was a sheer imagination ?

Well, The letter was actually dedicated to someone, and as much as I would like to I can’t name her here. It was written for that one amazing person. She is careless, clumsy and innocent that’s one of many things I love about her.

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