Love Letters – To my sweet innocent Wife by Suresh

love letter by Suresh

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To My Sweet Innocent but Stupid WI-FI,
Mrs. Reena Barolia Mukhiya
Thank you for your permanent CONNECTIVITY with me.

As I believe dating the dream would be everyone’s dream at least once in their lifetime. There are many who actually attempts for such dreams and among those, there are very least-Lucky who have succeeded to hug those dreams of their life. But, what would you call to that person who truly gets merged with their dream? I don’t know what would you call to that person but I am so proud of myself for being that person as I have already succeeded to marry the dream of my life i.e. you, two years before.

I am sure, you must be wondering. I mean, In this modern era where a phone call works everything automatically, I have chosen this good old traditional medium. You know there are lots of words which I won’t be able express ever in front of you or through any phone calls. Just like this poem which I had written for you two years ago to propose you but it’s still in my diary. And secondly I want to impress you again for me. Hehehe so here it goes…

At your first Sight
You entered, in my heart
At your fight Sight
You took away, my heart

Thinking of you
Continued from that day
To roam in dream
Continued from that day

Your remembrances have only
Kept me still alive
Otherwise I was killed
At your fight sight

Your innocence, Attract me a lot
Your Uniqueness, Amazed me a lot

Usually I searched you
In stars at night
Are you there always?
For me in day bright

How much I love you?

I wish I could express
How much I care you?
I wish I could express


For me only
You are made.
Our relation of Yellow
Can’t change in Red?

In those days I was like totally out of my mind, of course positively. I mean I used to figure out senses in each of the thing which used to give me flashback of you. And through that journey I had noticed something. Rose blooms with its typical season and care but you are ever blooming.

You are meaningful without life for me but life does no longer exist without you for me.

Rainbow needs all its seven colors to look pretty but you are and always remain pretty alone for me.

You look awesome without “SMILE” but smile can’t even dare to be anything for me.

Stars looks stunning and decorates the sky like bride but only at night. But your memories are like my shadow which is always being with me at every place I go and every moment I spend.

So Was I crazy for you?

If one wishes to reach up to their WISH, they should always be in the environment of their HOPE. And do you know, as being your husband I am the luckiest personality of this universe because I have always find my hope circled with your love and support. Simply you are like baby’s smile for me because it doesn’t have any selfishness for smiling.

I am sure you will feel strange to know that I have a lifetime dream to read this letter by climbing Mount Everest because I want to let everyone know that the God has already blessed me with the most beautiful and caring wife. So, they should not pray the God for such.

I always used to get scared whenever I used to listen people explaining their life becoming worst after their marriage. They used to share their experience that love disappears after marriage but nothing such happened with me. In fact, I have always been warmed up with your care and honestly those things never appeared in my mind at least.

Do you remember 2011, 6th June, Monday when you told me that you are three years older than me and you would die before leaving me alone? Of course it was a refusal for my marriage proposal but I had found a sweet innocent love for me in those words. Internally I was wishing to let you know, “if our love is true then we will always be together after our death too because love is immortal”. But don’t know why I was hesitated to express?

I know our marriage had happened in so much hurry but I never told you that it was all like the Xerox of what I had fantasize and mentioned in my diary.

Finally I would like to dedicate you the song:

from the movie PK which I was listening while writing you this letter. I found us and the things going on inside my mind at that time in 2011, 11th march, Friday near Indian Embassy, Delhi. I am sure you have already tuned this song.

Today I want to confirm you that I am madly in love with you.

Missing you either its sundown or sunshine
Will you be my, this Year’s Valentine?

Yours die-Heart lover
Suresh (Paccha)


Question and Answer with Suresh

1. Tell us more about you

Hello Youth Legend and onne reading this post.. This is me Mr…! Oops! I mean MARRIED Suresh Mukhiya basically from Rajbiraj, Saptari. I hope you all might have heard this place’s name at least. Although I am not accountancy guy, I had completed my BCom from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Delhi. Same! Guardian’s enforcement and friend’s enrollment. Later my love for writing blew me towards Tri-Chandra College, Kathmandu. So, I am now pursuing BA Major English (2nd Year) from there. Apart from my study I am a General member of United Nations Youths and Students Associations of Nepal (UNYSAN). I am also a feature writer at one of the kathmandu based magazine named MUZZBUZZ Monthly Magazine. And if the fortune favors me then I will soon be the publisher of a Juvenile Justice System themed monthly magazine named Saksham- Yes We Can. I am so passionate about writing and my one and only dream is to be loved by all as a writer.

2. What love means to you?

Love is just like air! You can’t see but it’s the reason behind your existence. For me, love is the only feeling that unites the different soul existing in different bodies. I often hear people blaming love for their failure. Actually love isn’t wrong in itself, wrong, artificially involved in love may be.

3. Did you dedicate this letter to someone or it was a sheer imagination ?

No doubt i dedicated this letter to none than other, my life, my wife. She is the one who has supported me in each of my decision with her suggestions. She is like confidence to me. Simply telling, she is the ambassador of UNDERSTANDING.

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