Project Inspire 2015: Win US$ 25,000 to Implement your Project

Deadline: 1 July 2015

Project Inspire 2015 will open for submissions on 25 February 2015. Project Inspire is a competition offering the participants 5 minutes time to pitch their project. Youth between 18-35 years of age from anywhere in the world can submit their project idea. The entrants must belong to NGOs, and social businesses, benefiting women and girls in Asia, the Middle East or Africa. This is a chance to win US$ 25,000 grant to implement the project idea and bring about changes.

Project Inspire-5 Minutes to Change the World is a joint initiative from the Singapore Committee for UN Women and MasterCard.


Grand Prize – US$ 25,000
Runner-Up – US$ 5,000 each to two runner-ups
People’s Choice – Top Problem Solvers will be provided the funds given to them by their supporters.

The application form will demand the following:

– What is your inspirational idea?
– How will your project change the lives of women and girls in the short and long term?
– How many women and/or girls will benefit directly and indirectly from your project.
– How will you/your team carry out the project?
– Please include a timeline for the project, indicating key phases relevant to your project i.e., ground preparation, pilot phase, training period, evaluation etc.
– Tell the activities you have planned to help reach your goal.
– How will you spend the US$25,000 grant to carry out the project?
– Within your proposal, include a detailed budget plan on how the US$25,000 grant will be utilized. The budget should clearly indicate the project expenses, operational costs, manpower costs, and other spending relevant to your project.
– How will you measure the success of the project?

Note the timeline

25 February 2015 – 1 July 2015 – Application Submission
30 August 2015 – Announcement of Top 20 Semi-Finalists
15 September 2015 – Crowdfunding begins
30 September 2015 – Finalists announcement
15 October 2015 – Wildcard Ticket announcement
11 November 2015 – Finalists bootcamp
13 November 2015 – Grand Final Pitch Day

Eligibility Criteria

Participants may submit entries as an individual or as a team of up to three members. If applying as an individual, applicant must be between the ages 18 and 35. If submitting as a team, at least one member of the team must be between the ages 18 and 35. The team leader must be between the ages 18-35. If chosen as finalists, the team leader will travel to Singapore to represent the project in the finals. The team leader must attend the entire duration of the finals.

Each participant must submit (i) an application form, and (ii) a (maximum) 5-minute video.
The project must be designed to empower disadvantaged women and girls through entrepreneurship and business literacy.

The project must be based on an existing initiative.

The beneficiaries of the project must be women or girls in Asia/Pacific, Middle East or Africa.

The proposed project must not propagate any political views or religious doctrines.

The project must be designed to be implemented with a budget of US$25,000.

The winner of this competition must commence the fieldwork for their project by 1 February 2016.

Submissions must be made in English or Chinese.

A valid email address is required for submission.

How to Apply?

Each submission will only be considered complete once the application form has been submitted and accompanied by information on the existing initiative, biographies of the team members and any supporting materials (e.g. website, social media channels, media clippings, past awards).

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