10 Valentine Day Ideas to make your valentine feel special

Let’s all fall in love this Valentine’s Day. If you already are then let’s fall more in love. Valentine’s Day is a day when thoughts, actions of love are exchanged among people. Love is expressed by a girl to a boy and vice versa. It could be to a person nearby or on a distant relationship.

This day we see red hearts floating, gifts, chocolates and couples almost everywhere. Some of you might be wondering as to how you can make this day more special or how you can make your valentine feel special. Don’t worry these ideas will help you for sure.

Here are the things you need:
– a valentine (obviously 😉 )
– Yourself (yes, you to celebrate valentine 😀 )
– Time (you really need to take out some time to make this day special)
– Heart and Will (That’s must. If you have a will and want to make it happen wholeheartedly, its possible 🙂 )

Valentine Day Ideas

There are numerous ideas that can be used to make your Valentine feel special. Your intentions should be to make her/him feel special, feel loved just the way they are.

So, here are some valentine day ideas that have been briefly discussed. Hope they serve your purpose:

1. Gift him/her a diary which is filled with your feelings since the day you both met. Write what you felt in those special days when you go for the first date, when you realize s/he is the one, when you first kiss. Express all your feelings on it. This could be the best valentine gift ever to him/her. This needs a preparation and is time consuming yet totally worth it.

2. Do you and your valentine love adventures? What about bungee jumping together? OR, a mountain flight, short hiking to near by place. It could be thrilling and memorable experience.

3. Make a collage of all your special moments like photographs and “I love you” quotes that you ever gave to each other. Print it and make album and gift it to them. Don’t forget to add some notes in the gift with your words. Or else, you can also make a Microsoft power point or video of those collage inserting songs that defines your relationship.

4. Make your day sweet by baking cake for them. Bake cake depending on your valentine’s favorite flavor. Or make chocolates. It is kinda cute when boys do it too. If you don’t know how to bake then cook something else for them.

5. Do you love dancing with one another? Create playlist of beautiful song. Put on a music and dance yourselves to the tune. Sounds old but definitely romantic.

6. You can record a video of this day or do a photo shoot together, capturing the moments. Presenting your valentine with a wonderful Valentine’s Day album or a wonderful video can be a really romantic gift.

7. Watch romantic movie together. You can take your valentine out for a movie. It’s always a good idea to do so. Cozy up and have fun.

8. SURPRISE them. Give her/him a wonderful surprise. Everyone loves surprises on a day as Valentine’s Day. Unexpected gifts, dinner or food. Anything romantic that would surprise them and give them beautiful smile on their face.

9. Putting your message in a bottle is a good idea of expressing your words of love and creative too. You can put your writing skills to work.

10. Use your talents, bring it to life. You can sing? Then sing for her/him, You can paint? Then paint for her/ him.

There are a lot of other ideas you can use. This is a time for brainstorming to make things work out for the best. So feel special, feel loved, make your valentine feel the same. Above all, have a great time, enjoy yourself to bits. Fall in love, falling in love is itself a wonderful gift. STAY HAPPY.