Be Thankful

Everyday we get up from bed and prepare to shine. We don’t know the future and we won’t be knowing how our day is going to end. But we hope to end it very well and we work for it. But things always does not go as planned. Sometimes the last thing you want comes […]


“Me?? Errr… I am from Nepal.”

No wonder, you are more likely to come across this question “Where are you from?”, or mine favorite, ” Where is your lovely accent from?”, specially when your hair is not blonde or when you speak English in different accent than those of the native ones in the land, where you have flied from your […]

alone woman in the street

Being woman, Am I safe ? Am I Free?

It was 7:30pm and I was returning from office to home. We had to finish some deadline, so me and my friend stayed late to complete as much work and wrapped up the day with a fast cup of coffee. I have stayed till 8, 8:30 at some days at work. Normally, it is 8:30 […]

Nirav's Sketch

The Magical touch of an Artist!!

It was nearly 8 months back when I met her for the first time. I had known her earlier through her artistic works. I wasn’t really expecting her to meet her then but after all it was her exhibition. The room had sullen, deem lights that exactly matched the theme of the canvass. I felt […]

Intrinsic Drive

Author: Bibita Koirala The only difference I see in people around me is the drive within them. Drive for money, drive for recognition, drive of creating value, drive for love and on and on and on. It is the drive within us making us think differently from others. Few years’ back, I had a drive […]


Elopement: Running away from the heartless society

Author: Sambid Bilas Pant We have been hearing the stories of elopement since ages. From Shakespearean plays to films, elopement of couple is a common trend. The hero brings a ladder & the heroine sneaks down through the window; they are chased by their angry parents. After a few arguments & fights, they eventually live […]

reaching heaven after death following jesus christ

“What in heaven’s name was that all about?”

AUTHOR: Sama Maharjan It was one of those cold nights when I was back from my University classes. I like to warm up myself with a cup of Gloria Jeans cappuchino, while I ponder over the assignments I have to accomplish, within the deadlines. I love to sit in the Strathfield Park and look around […]

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