Being 25

Being 25 SHOCK: ‘A state of being surprised and upset!’ Yes my friend, when I first heard from my friend that “You’re turning 25” almost a month ago. I was surprised and felt an electric shock. Without holding on, I kept on saying, “What? 25? I’m turning 25. No way. I’m not turning 25. Oh […]

memoir of a sano maharani

Memoir of a Sano Maharani, and the pain within…..

AUTHOR: SAGUNA SHAH To me in my mid- thirties, life seems to have come to a full circle. There is hardly any desire left. Whether this kind of cynicism is a momentary spasm or a fleeting sentiment, I am unable to comprehend. It feels as though I have seen much in life, experienced much and […]

The virtue of Silence

Silence I many times feel, the world without words and only reflections of nature is the ultimate search of we people. All the struggle and pain is to achieve the silence of mind. The greatest virtue of people lies in silence. The power of thoughts increase after the numbness of mind for long time. I […]

Sometimes it’s good to hear NO

I recently gave an interview at Iglobal Academy. They had this scholarship program, where they would be teaching us for a year and had a contract based job for 3 years. I had no idea what the college was all about. All I heard from other friends who had came there for the same reason […]

Like they say, the ordinary-average guy

The-Wanderer, The Ordinary Well, I really don’t know where I should begin from. I’m not an entrepreneur nor a high class sophisticated noble person who people would like to hear about. But an ordinary person who knows more or less about binary. Brought up in glorious 90’s in a typical middleclass family. I quite often […]