Pushpa Basnet-CNN Hero, Youth legend

Interview with Pushpa Basnet : Y-Legend

Pushpa Basnet: Y-Legend of the Month A great motivation for thousands of people around the globe to make a difference in the society and change lives, today Pushpa Basnet is most widely known as CNN Hero 2012. And Youth Legend honors her as ‘Y-Legend of the Month. Watch Pushpa Basnet’s One Minute motivational Video Full […]

Paras Khadka-Captain Nepalese Cricketer

10 powerful quotes by Paras Khadka

Paras Khadka inspiring quotes This poster is a copyrighted property of youthlegend. Please do not re-publish it with your name. If you want to share it on your website, use the re-embed option on the top right of the poster. Paras Quotes The quotes are extracted from the interview with paras khadka.