Hurford Youth Fellowship Applications 2015-2016.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: All application materials must be submitted by 27 April 2015.


SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION: Applicants are asked to submit the following:
– Applicant Form;
– C.V./Resume;
– Two Letters of Recommendation

All application materials should be uploaded to the online application or sent via email to

Project Proposal: Your project proposal is the most important part of your fellowship application. It should be clear, concise, and comprehensible to individuals outside your own field or concentration. Your proposal, in no more than 1200 words, should describe your proposed plan for organizing online discussions for your fellowship. In your proposal, please ensure that you respond to the fol-lowing specific questions:
1. What is your proposed theme for the online discussion series?
2. What are three specific discussion topics or questions under your theme?
3. How would you conduct research and develop information materials that could be used for the online discussion?
4. How would you contribute to the further development of the World Youth Movement for Democracy?
5. How would you plan to benefit from your time in Washington for your professional development as well as your organization’s work?
Strong proposals will exhibit the following characteristics:
– A clear focus & rationale, with practical relevance for strengthening the participation of youth in democracies.
– The outline of a well-defined theme, with tangible benefits to colleagues & counterparts in your field.
Curriculum Vitae/Résumé: Please prepare a curriculum vitae or résumé and attach it as a separate document.

Submit your letter of recommendation: Please send your letter of recommendation via email to Letters of recommendation must be submitted in English or accompanied by an English translation. Please format your letter in MS Word Document (.doc) or Adobe PDF (.pdf). Please note that your letter of recommendation should not be shared with the applicant.

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