motivational seminar with saunak bhatta

Motivational Seminar with Saunak Bhatta – Transform your LIFE in two hours

Biggest Event till date

The motivational seminar with Saunak Bhatta is the biggest seminar of its kind by a nepalese motivational speaker. The motivational seminar aims to shift existing stable attitude into a winning attitude and shape a desired belief system necessary to achieve greater prosperous goals.

After attending Seminar you will:

  • Be motivated with an inspiration and desire to make a difference in your personal life and your surroundings
  • Increase your level of optimism
  • Upgrade your skills of handling and dealing obstacles
  • Be ready to transform your life.

    About Saunak Bhatta

    Saunak Bhatta is an internationally certified leadership trainer, personal coach and motivational speaker. Through his innovative sessions and unique training program, he has outreached thousands of people including leaders, politicians, youth groups, civil societies, foreign citizens, youth, Bankers, teachers, vulnerable communities etc.
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    Organizer: We Inspire Nepal (WIN)
    Date: 10th June, 2014, Tuesday (27th Jestha, 2071)
    Time: 2 pm sharp
    Venue: Pragya Pratisthan
    Tickets: NRs 100, NRs 500 (closer row)
    Call: +9779841807652 or +9779841370171 (for tickets)
    Online Booking:

    You just can’t afford to miss this life changing motivational seminar.