Nepal Flag and national anthem on the edge of space by 21years old kshitij

In TV, internet when kshitij used to see national flags of other countries in spaceship, space, moon, he used to wonder if he can see his national flag in that place. He started his project ‘krinjal space’ with the determination of taking Nepal’s national flag at least to the highest altitude. He was able to send the Nepal flag in the edge of the space (80,000 ft above earth surface). When it reached around 70,000 ft, national anthem of Nepal was played through the speaker inside a payload box. Also, he attached the little white star with the flag because he always had a fantasy of bringing stars from sky to the earth. And he did it.

In 2005, kshitij was thrown out from school for not being able to pay his monthly fee Rs 500(almost 5$). Same year he set national record in memorization by memorizing 125 random objects at once. After that, he published the nepali poem book, got scholarships in school and college and now he is studying computer engineering at Northwestern University Boston with full scholarship. He believes in the line “Anyone can fall down in life. The point is whether they stand up again for their dream or fall behind”. And he always stood up and went forward whenever he fell down.

Big believer of dream kshitij says, “Only who dreams can make it reality“. And his big dream is to give his best to see nepalese flag in space, moon, international space station, space ship. Let’s support him and wish him all the best for his every new endeavors.

Watch full video: Kshitij Space – Nepal’s Flag and National Anthem on the edge of the space

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