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Polka Studios – Start Ups in Nepal

Politics. Corruption. The untouchables. Gender disparity. Are you one of thousands to scrunch your nose in skepticism, and put face to palm in helpless exasperation at these words? As were these guys of Polka Studios team.

Formed in early 2013, Polka Studios creates animated shorts, and have thus far addressed themes such as corruption, politics, nationalism, and personality, all of which are popular topics of discussions amongst the young people in general, especially those in modern-day Nepal.

The creation of visual products is a form of creative outlet where skills from different areas of interest are channelled and merged to deliver [said] concepts, messages and notions.
The team, at present, comprises Asis Rai (Artist/Creative Director), Niraj Khadka (Promoting Director), Sahanshil Rai (Video/Audio Editor), Diya Gurung (Script/Audio/Writer), Prabal Shrestha (Promoter) and Bidhata Singh (Writer).

The objective and motivation behind their work is “to provoke contemplation amongst Nepalese youngsters in the hope of inspiring curiosity, dialogue and subsequently, practice.”
Their body of work is available to view on Youtube.

If this is of interest to you, you can follow them on youtube at:

Also, follow them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PolkaStudios