teachers day

Feels Great to have a Teacher like You

Author: Bibita Koirala

I could shape my thoughts through you,
I could visualize my life being with you,
I gained courage to recollect my dreams looking at you,
I get all my strength just by a thought of you.

You neither taught me to win nor to get defeated,
You never gave me shortcuts that I could use to fool myself,
You never hold my hands that could make my learning easy,
But greatest of all you taught me what I didn’t know about myself.

Few evenings, I faced storm and got lost myself,
The only solution I had was to tolerate the pace of storm,
And you were the only one, who told me to clear the storm,
To seek myself behind and before the storm.

I go along with you at times,
And a bit far away at times,
But there is something I carry along all the time,
The spirit to believe in oneself like you always do.

Feels great to have a teacher like you.

Bibita dedicates this poem to her teacher on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.