Celebration of ‘Thank you / Gratitude Week’

“Thankfulness or Gratitude”

We often complain in life. But, Are we thankful for what we already have?


With the aim of making everyone feel happy and grateful for the things we already have, youth legend celebrated the Thank you week. We posted different inspiring quotes everyday and requested facebook and twitter users to use tagline “Celebrating #thankyouweek with #youthlegend“to celebrate Thank you week together.


Many youth actively participated to celebrate thank you week and expressed their gratitude to so many people with or without hash tag and felt grateful for so many things. For some of them, it was quite an emotional experience. We believe that we are successful to generate the vibe of thankfulness and feeling of gratitude among our members.


The practice of gratitude has been proven to boost immune system too. So, if we could make it habit then we could remain healthy too.


Let’s take a moment to thank ourselves. We deserve it.


When we are thankful let’s express it. It is a beautiful gift we give to someone.


Stay thankful stay blessed. 🙂