The virtue of Silence


I many times feel, the world without words and only reflections of nature is the ultimate search of we people.

All the struggle and pain is to achieve the silence of mind. The greatest virtue of people lies in silence. The power of thoughts increase after the numbness of mind for long time. I believe the strength of ideas are all based on internal silence.

    Try this: Let your mind go for a world tour.

You will be traveling through numerous past events and ideas. Observe them. After some time, you will find that your thoughts are repeating. Now, the repetition will go on. So, your thoughts are limited but silence is not. But, remember silence is not just the absence of speaking but it is the absence of thoughts and events.

Silence is the most powerful trait a person can ever acquire or achieve. Numbness of events and words illuminates you with the brightness of wisdom.

You may also have felt the beauty of silence in relationships. You understand the depth of your relation when you are silent. You do not speak through words but your breath, stillness and the vibrations created in the atmosphere.

But initially adapting silence is challenging. It takes months of exercise. Ultimately, when you learn to be silent for some time, you will carry your virtue of silence within you forever.

The most wonderful thing about silence is that you have no expectations or goals from it. You only enjoy the beauty of silence like your your college tour. So, live well, stay silent.

AUTHOR: Bibita Koirala

Bibita Koirala is a student of BBA. She understands as well as enjoy most of the subjects that she studies but her hardship lies on being emotionally unstable to implement any management knowledge and dealing with people and being social. In her words, “I have created a fantasy world of my own within myself.
What I find is that my identity lies in my fantasy world. My article “The virtue of silence” is the formal beginning of my fantasy life.”

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