‘When I said I would Reach for the Skies, for Someone told me Sky was the Limit’ – POEM


When i said i would reach for the skies
for someone told me sky was the limit
they told me i wasn’t tall enough;
with such tiny hands and legs such as mine,
they said i would never get close.

When i said i would light up the night
as i found out that it is darkness that we live in
they told me i wasn’t bright enough;
with such handful of coins tinkling in my pocket,
they said oil was as far as the sky itself.

when i said i would fly as free as a lark
(that was the year i had sprouted wings)
they told me i wasn’t sensible enough;
if i were to say such thing again,
they warned to burn and rip off my feathers.

and then there was the year when i decided to stay quiet,
keep my dreams to myself-
for i knew that i was bright enough to light up the dark
and fly like a lark and touch the sky.

that was when they told me i was dumb and a fool.


Writer: Ashis Dhakal-Upadhyay