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Yellow Nepal is a location based personalized social search service for foodies, discount hunters and event lovers which provides a single platform to smartly discover the nearby or best places to eat. With the real time information’s including the food menus, food discounts, events, opening hours, cuisines listings, single dialer to call, email, checking in, and map that shows route to get to the place, it wants to disrupt the eating behaviours. With social wing, it will be constantly updated which place where are friends are!

The Yellow Nepal is owned by Anish Shrestha and Manisha Karmacharya and has a team of 4 dedicated, passionate members.

The sole idea of Yellow Nepal was triggered when the co-founder Anish had missed the New Year celebration for last two years, just because he was unsure of where his friends were and the best places to be on those nights. The problem he faced was not unique. That was the moments that actually triggered him for the idea of Yellow.

The core value of the Yellow Service, is to provide the single platform for the eateries, both in terms of the cuisines and the restaurants. Yellow, as a platform, it has a service that accumulates every restaurants detailed information, their food menus, the specialties, daily specials, and best cuisines. With all these data in one container, it provides the personalized, curated information for the urban diners.

Yellow Nepal is the winner of Google Business Group Stories Challenge. Around hundreds of submissions from more than fifty different countries around the globe, they made it to nine global finalists of the story challenge and based upon the highest number of public votes in their Youtube video, Yellow Nepal won the challenge and awarded with $5000.

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