Youth Legend Team Members

Sudha Subedi

CEO and Founder

Sudha Subedi is a Founder/CEO of Youth Legend, an enterprise created to make a significant impact in lives of young people around the world through connection, inspiration, and awareness.

Sudha is a Global Catalyst(consultant) and looks over Global Strategy in San Francisco based company International Connector where she has worked with renowned companies like Institute for Future, Fortune 500 company – StubHub etc.

Sudha leads dynamic training program that helps individuals to get rid of confusion and find clarity to live a life of their dreams through practical tools and techniques on self-awareness, exploration, healing, and leadership.

She was one of the 12 finalists and only South Asian finalist in a global competition your big year in 2013 selected from over 60,000 participants.

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Mohan Ghimire

Chief Operating Officer

Mohan Ghimire is a COO of Youth Legend. He is also a Lecturer of Java programming in different Engineering Colleges of Nepal. He used to work as Senior Software Engineer at Verisk Information Technology. He loves programming.

He has successfully organized various nationwide youth, technology, and sports-related programs. Singing, dancing, playing football and traveling is his hobby. (He has few dancing and singing videos on his youtube channel.) He loves laughing and eating. He has completed his Bachelor in Computer Engineering from Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus.

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Sama Maharjan


Sama Maharjan, from Sydney, Australia studied Post-graduate Diploma at Tri-Chandra College and finished her master’s degree in counseling from Australian Catholic University.

She has experiences of working as a School Counselor at Heartland Academy, Kathmandu and Volunteer Counselor at Tranquility Mental Hospital and Research Center, Nepal. Currently, working at clinical counselor for Nepalese Australian Association in Australia too. Sama is very passionate about Counselling career.

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Shilpa Bhandari

International Exchange Program Coordinator, USA

Shilpa wants to establish a place in Nepal where students prefer “sciencing” rather than “studying”. Shilpa believes in grabbing every opportunity and working hard after achieving it. She completed her high school with Science major and she aspires to be an Astrophysicist.

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Aekarak Sethi

International Exchange Coordinator, Thailand

Aekarak is an environmental scientist by training but a culture enthusiast at heart. Aek worked at Grant Thornton, a leading global consulting firm where he excelled in project management, business development, sales, operational and strategic excellence. Currently, he moved on from the corporate world to become an entrepreneur in the real estate industry, with many exciting projects in the pipeline. Aek has a great interest in culture (corporate and community). He believes that it is a culture that greatly determines employee productivity and therefore, firm productivity. To his cognizance, culture is an indispensable factor in addressing one of the biggest business challenge or our time with recruiting and retaining the right talent. Aek holds a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science, Minoring in Business Administration, French language, and a certificate in Psychology from Mahidol University International College. He is also an avid traveler and many of his travels come from the various scholarships he has been awarded from different MNCs and Governments. Many of these scholarships have been about youth cultural exchanges as he is deeply passionate about advocacy, upskilling and materializing words into sustainable action.

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Nguyen Ngoc Khanh Van

International Exchange Coordinator, Vietnam

Nguyen Ngoc Khanh Van, a Vietnamese highschool student, was born on March 24th 1999. Her hobbies are travelling, doing yoga, reading books and playing chess. Becoming an international ambassador of Youth Legend, her objective is to widen and strengthen the connection between Nepalese and Vietnamese youngsters. With a keen interest in foreign culture, in Summer 2016, she set foot on Nepal and discovered the prestine natural and cultural beauty of this country with great and like-minded brothers and sisters from Youth Legend. After that life-changing journey, she believes that with her enthusiasm, innovation, commitment, organization skills, she can become a link between two countries, two cultures and bring each other’s people closer.


Business Development Officer

Poshan Gyawali is passionate about everything he does. In his words, “Whatever I do, I do it with passion else I don’t do it at all.” He is a business student and aspires to work on business development

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Stella Mainali

International Exchange Ambassador

Stella is a vivacious and enthusiastic youth pursuing her Bachelors degree in Social Work from Goldengate International College. She is the President at Global Peace Women Young Leaders Club and has worked with organizations like Family Planning Association of Nepal, Shakti Samuha, Global Peace Foundation, etc. She is a brilliant public speaker and has won various public speaking contests. She loves meeting and interacting with people from different walks of life and is undoubtedly a real people’s person. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, exploring new places, writing poems, etc.



21 years old Ragini Lama, currently pursuing her bachelor degree in Business Studies from Shanker Dev Campus, aspire to become an entrepreneur in the future. She is an enthusiastic and passionate youth deeply interested in social activities through which she wants to connect with people and be able to bring positive changes in a society breaking all the stereotypes.
She is also a youth activist advocating SRHR realizing the sensitivity and necessity of it in the present context of Nepal. Her hobbies include reading books, listening to music, taking risks and she loves traveling and adventures.

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Bikrant Gautam


Bikrant is currently working as a web application developer along with pursuing his masters degree in computer/information science. Before moving to US, He worked in Nepal as a software engineer and social worker for 4 years.
He is passionate about sports, music, literature and contemporary issue. At leisure time, you’ll find him either learning, playing guitar, writing or sleeping.

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Ashmita Karki


Ashmita Karki is a jolly girl who is a writing enthusiast, a big-time reader, and a blogger. She is an undergraduate currently pursuing Bachelors in public health at Maharajgunj Medical Campus, Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj Kathmandu.
Dancing, playing volleyball, playing keyboard,traveling is what describes her hobbies.
P.S: She is a movie freak.

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Neha Ojha


Neha is a literature enthusiast who spends most of her time in between reading fictions and writing. Lover of simple pleasure you’ll often find her traveling places, taking pictures and tasting new cuisines.



Subash Bohara is a keen learner. He has a high level of interest in politics and always keeps himself updated with the world politics. He aims to devote all of his learning and skills for nation development and to create equality in the society he lives in.

Club Youth Legend Team Members

We have separate club of youth legend for young people aged 15 to 24 years.


Ravi Gupta


Ravi Gupta is currently pursuing his bachelor’s in Social work from St.xaviers College. He is always there to help, encourage and support you. He is praised for being good at public relation. He is currently interning at Metropolitan Traffic police. He loves to help everyone and anyone since his childhood day. His strengths are Leadership, Public relationship, Confidence and easy going attitude. He is a rational person with a vision.
His hobbies are dancing (especially in parties), playing cricket, organizing and engaging in productive programs, Riding bike, etc. He is fond of drinking Black coffee. He adores his sister for always being his backbone.


Muna Sunuwar


 21 years old, she is Muna Sunuwar, residing in Boudha, Kathmandu. She is doing her Bachelor’s in Business Studies (3rd year) from Shankerdev Campus.She loves traveling, volunteering, reading books, having new hobbies and creating. Currently, she is working as a scouter in different schools.
She is a ranger in Young Heart Open Crew and vice president of Club Youth Legend.”Some girls dream of having a big walk-in closet in their bedroom. she’d prefer a walk-in Library in her, with a coffee station.”


Ragini Lama


Ragini is a student of Chartered Accountancy & is currently pursuing her dreams. Apart from her main objective, she has a deep interest in social activities through which she can be able to connect to many people & be of some help to them in any way. She is always willing to give her best in everything she does. She is an honest & diligent girl who speaks her mind & values freedom. She loves traveling & adventures.


Simran Hada


Simran is studying BBS(bachelor in business studies) in Padma Kanya Multiple Campus.Her greatest passion is to make people laugh and bringing a smile to people’s face. She aspires to be a successful independent fun loving person. End of day Simran always wants to make her Mamu happy and proud. She believes that being unique than other people out there is what she does best. Her hobbies are dancing, cooking and traveling. She is motivated by the quote” if you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”


Pooja Bista

Public Relation Officer

Pooja Bista is currently pursuing her Bachelor in major Sociology and Mass Communication. As an aspiring journalist, she loves to read books (not more than 600 pages though!), explore cultures and places, playing table- tennis, listening to songs and watching Doremon of course. She is compassionate with anything she involves into. She says, “There is no way of turning back once I get into something madly.” She strictly follows the rule- burns fat not fuel. She wishes to climb Mt. Everest someday near in her future (wish her best wishes.) She has been always learning from places she passed by and people she sees or interacts with. But her main inspiration has always been her grandmother.


Rupsi Parajuli


Rupsi Parajuli is currently working as youth volunteer at Youth Legend, Global Peace Foundation and Family Planning Association of Nepal whilst continuing her studies at Global College of Management. She is planning to study Bachelors in Professional Accounting the following year. She aspires to become a Travel Reporter someday. She is an avid dog lover and enjoys being spontaneous. Rupsi believes her best decision so far has been to select Global College of Management to pursue her high school education, which enabled to push her confidence and capabilities. Her proudest moment was when she became Public Relations Officer at Global Peace Women Young Leaders Club. Her hobbies include swimming, cooking, literature, and traveling. One of her favorite books is the Harry Potter series and her favorite film is ‘The Notebook’.
Personal Motto: ‘In life you have to believe in something or else you would fall for anything.’

If you want to know more about club youth legend and want to be part of it click here.