About Youth Legend

Youth Legend is a social enterprise established in May 2014 with the purpose of creating valuable impacts in the lives of young people.

To create positive impact in the lives of young people around the world through empowerment, engagement, collaboration and awareness

We work on 3 core areas:
1. International Exchange
International Youth Summer Camp and Winter Camp
International exchange and Study abroad programs

2. Youth Empowerment
Club Youth Legend – a year long empowerment program for Nepalese youth aged 16 – 24
– Trainings – leadership, proposal writing, filmmaking, self-awareness and discovery, Entrepreneurship development etc
– opportunity app “Opportunity Nepal” and website www.opportunity.ylnepal.com
– Competitions for young people like  wordism competition, tournaments etc
– Inspirational stories, content in our website www.ylnepal.com and our youtube channel

3. Psychosocial well being
Free psychosocial online counseling to young people
– Documentary screening on Mental Health in different colleges, organizations, and companies to increase awareness, change stigma and minimize risk

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We design various programs for young people. And, through our blog, we share stories, voices, opinions of youth. We aim to hear, guide, encourage and witness the journey of different young people around the world through our different activities.

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Help young people to believe in their dreams, inspire them to take action and live a meaningful life.


  • To inspire and motivate young people by sharing inspirational stories through interview with different people
  • To acknowledge and appreciate young people who are doing amazing thing by writing about their stories and awarding them annually
  • To publish various articles which could be beneficial for youth
  • To organize youth competitions and training for fostering skills of youth
  • To address problem of young people and provide multiple solutions and guidance to them.
  • To bridge the generation gap between young and older generation

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