Our Story

We started Youth Legend through the dream of creating value in the lives of the young people in Nepal. We did this through the slogan: Share, Inspire, Appreciate. The name – Youth Legend, which we love very much right now, was selected because we could not find any other domain name to create the website. Of the hundred names we had in mind, this one was our preferred one. Thankfully, youth legend was available, and for this reason, our name makes us feel legendary.  

At the beginning, we started as an online magazine for the youth of Nepal, being the first online youth magazine in the country. Our theme involved sharing stories of amazing young people who, even though they are not in the limelight, have nevertheless lived inspiring lives. We called these stories Months Hero. We are so proud and happy about meeting all our months’ heroes. Their stories, their determination and the impact they have provoked in the community inspires everyone.

We started online psychological counseling by bringing a professional counselor into our team. We have also created an informative video on Mental Health for you to watch. We have increasingly started featuring more people and have shared opportunities for young people around the world. We were also collaborating with several organizations and organizing programs including Workshop on Enterprise Facilitation by Dr.Ernesto Sirolli and Workshop on Entrepreneurship by Christopher Lingle etc.

During our early days, we had the dream of organizing International programs, but as the days passed by, things got clearer and we finally came up with the idea of International Youth Camp. We have developed content for more than a year to create a program that can be really valuable for young people. Our themes for the program include Self Awareness, Understanding Yourself and Finding Inner Peace.

We have been organizing International Youth Camps for almost five years now, and we aim at targeting global audience through our blog http://www.youthlegend.com

Join the Youth Legend family by being part of our adventures at International Youth Camp http://camp.youthlegend.com/ or subscribe to our informative and amazing blog.

We would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have! 

Email us at info@youthlegend.com for any query that may arise. 

Yours truly, 

The Youth Legend Team

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