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Talk with Subin Bhattarai

One Liner with Subin Bhattarai
Life: It’s a reaction to the happening around us.
Love: It’s the hormonal changes or I would like to say it as biological changes inside someone.
First Crush: I used to have crush on actress and fantasy of dancing with them, though I cannot pin point the actress name right now. Hahaha 😀
Literature: Art of expression with words in a beautiful way.
Happiness: It’s a reaction of mind and is a relative thing.
Youth: Children of Past and Future of Nation and responsible and intellectual generation.
Favorite Book: Every book.
People I admire most: I don’t have any as I don’t like to be driven by people but as a writer B.P Koirala is my idol.
Before I die: I have got plenty of dreams but I wish to have a World Tour once in my life.

1. What is keeping you busy these days?
Since “Saaya” has been recently released, all I am busy right now is about the promotion of this book throughout the country. Recently I have completed a program at Hetauda and currently I have numerous book signing programs and interview.

2. What inspired you to write?
Talking about inspiration, I used to read a lot of books during my childhood and above all B.P Koirala, Parijat and Dhurba Chandra Gautam’s book inspired me the most. Besides these, writing gives a different sense of enjoyment and that too inspires me.

3. What kind of expectations do you have from “Saaya”?
“Summer Love” had numerous unanswered questions and curiosity in it. And due to these reasons, Saaya had lot of of expectations. And needless to say, “Saaya” broke all the historical record and nearly 20,000 books were sold out just within 10 days.

4. What would you like to say to aspiring young writers?
To all the young writers out there, you should have a little quality of writing, beside that one should read a lot of books. They should travel a lot. They should be aware of the surroundings; they should be capable of analyzing those things minutely and write it from the bottom of their heart. After all writing comes from the heart.

5. What message do you want to give to young generation?
One should develop reading habit and people should promote and establish reading culture. The young generations should buy books and make critical analysis. And as a writer, I would like to tell the youths out there that, they should be self motivated rather than driven by others.

6. What is your life mantra?
I never had a life mantra because it’s changing according to time. I may have a life mantra a year back and may not be applicable right now. I believe it’s subjective.