What members say about youth legend?

What our ‘Active Members of the Month’ say about us?



“Have you ever thanked everyone/everything for making life beautiful? Yes! I did it just a week ago. I celebrated “Thankyouweek” with “youth legend”. Never thought that it will be one of the best week of my life but my experience says it’s really fun thanking your family, friends, teachers & all other people who make every second of life countable. Even after end of ‘thankyouweek’, I can’t make myself stop thanking so many things.
I remember myself expressing gratefulness to the sun for making me realize value of rain.”

    “Problems can no longer be annoying when ‘Youth Legend’ has provided us an ultimate platform to share our stories, get inspired and appreciated.”
    “Finally, today I want to thank you “Youth Legend” for making me realize one of the best way to stay happy i.e. Share Inspire Appreciate”

“At last, thank you youth legend for the super inspirational video and interview of Paras Khadka , thanks for the title of “Active Member Of The Month”, thanks for making me thank so many people & thanks for accepting me as the part of youth legend family. I am actually lucky that I am following “Youth Legend”.” 🙂



    “Honestly speaking, being part of Youth Legend is the best generative feeling that one be expecting to experience in one’s life. And i experienced it.”

“Essentially when the founder and the team members of this initiative work symbolizes Youths. I am really so lucky to get counted inside Youth Legend.
Throughout this month’s journey i had succeeded to remember those persons of my life who deserves to be very important for me but had lost somewhere in my memory because of life’s circumstances. I hadn’t just confessed my internal feeling for those people but also refreshed my childhood days. That’s why i was actively connected to Youth Legend and will be in future too.”

    “Now, Youth Legend is like my special friend and deserves to stay inside my heart forever.”

“Bhai. Is that really me?, “i just can’t believe it man.”I screamed asking my younger brother Naresh Mukhiya when i saw my name at youth legend’s facebook page as “Active Member of The Month”. Finally i had achieved a very special birthday gift for my younger brother i.e. Tee signed by our Nation’s pride Mr Paras Khadka. It was really an awesome moment because i was clearly viewing the reflection of my internal happiness on my younger brother’s face. He is the diehard fan of Nepali Cricket and mostly of Paras Khadka .”



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