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How can i get sound sleep? - Youth Legend
problem and solution

How can i get sound sleep?

Problem Solution

Received via Problem Solution form

When I was 17, I was so much stressed. I started to lose sleep. I could not bear my pain and consulted a doctor. I got medicines and counselling too. It was continued for a year and i started to feel normal again and stopped the medication. But, I could not sleep properly and had to start taking medicines again.

It has been 5 years now. I am 21 and I don’t feel stressed like before. I can handle my life well. Yet, I am not able to sleep without medicines. I could not sleep even for a single minute at night. And next day, because of tiredness i sleep for 9 hours.

I don’t feel bad these days due to this problem but my parents are very much worried about me. I feel terribly bad when my mother comes to check me and i have to pretend sleeping. I often lie to my parents saying i slept for 3-4 hours. People say that it is happening because i’m worried about something. I don’t agree to this. I’m not worried at all. I don’t know why it is happening to me for such a long time.

I want a permanent solution and want to be free from chemicals/medicines that makes me asleep. I have tried all sleep hygiene, meditation, exercises to keep myself calm. It is making my life better to continue next day at college without sleep but is not helping me to have a sound sleep. What do I do?

by psychological counselor Sama Maharjan

A lot of people these days, complain about insomnia which is quiet sad. Sleep is one of the most important and healthy style to regulate our body and mind functioning properly. Insomnia at this early age sounds pretty critical. Five years is literally long period. Are you still in medication? Well, things are transparent in a way that how you lost it. You had been super-stressed which dint let you sleep. I am curious if it had been long you fought alone before you sought counselling and medication. If thats the case your brain is wired that way during that phase.

You are accustomed to different sleeping pattern. You mentioned that you cant sleep a single minute at night and then you sleep 9 hours next day. You see, your body is being recuperated with sleep anyway though not in a healthy pattern. Its a good thing that it does not bother you anymore. The problem here is you cant sleep at night and your brain is already accustomed to other schedule. You already said that you have been trying all sleep hygiene, meditation, and exercises which is sure good things. The very first thing i would recommend you to do is follow “Positive affirmations”. Like, ” Tonight i am going to sleep deep and better” “I am going to have sound sleep”, ” “I am going to have a peaceful and serene sleep”. You can make your own version as you like.

Also, writing it down in your notebook, as many as you can make about how you want to sleep and at what time repeatedly might bring a magical change. While you meditate, imagine yourself sleeping so comfortably and relaxed in a bed. Visualize in your mind and try to feel how good you feel when you are asleep. Set the goal of sleeping time ( from what time to how long). Even if you dont sleep, set the alarm clock so as when you waking up in the morning. We can always fake our mind and have a control over it. FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT. Slowly, your brain will get wired into night sleeping pattern, I hope. Apart from all the rest of the things that google can tip you about sleeping hygiene, there is one more thing i want to add. There are many great personalities in history who does not sleep at all or have less hours of sleep but still feel vigorous and carry on. Not necessarily, everyone should have 8 hours sleep, your body may just need 3-4 hours sleep and still you wont feel fatigued. Try to know your sleep pattern first and you will know what you want and how you can work for it. Positive Psychology is main thing. It would be so better if you can just completely get rid off negative thinking that you can’t sleep at night. Just keep saying and believing that “you gonna sleep so deep and relaxed each night”. I wish you all the best for this interesting technique to follow. (If you do :p). Have a good night and a sound sleep with princess smile in your face. 🙂

What do you think s/he should do to get sound sleep? Please comment below to help get rid of the problem.

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