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How to fundraise or find sponsors to attend international programs like exchange, conference, youth camps or to travel? - Youth Legend
how to fundraise or find sponsors to attend international programs

How to fundraise or find sponsors to attend international programs like exchange, conference, youth camps or to travel?

There are many opportunities globally for young people. But, fully funded opportunities are limited and paying high travel cost and program fee is not feasible for everyone. That’s why for many people traveling to other countries and attending valuable programs looked like an unreachable dreams.

We are writing this to share you tips to help you raise money to attend international exchange, conference, youth camps etc.

Ways to Fundraise to attend international programs

1. Find Sponsors Locally

Every year many young people travel to attend international programs which have very high program fee, with the support of sponsors. Once, you get selected, you are provided with an official letter for sponsorship. Now, it’s up to you to reach out to organizations, business houses to convince them. Some big companies can support you as Corporate Social Responsibility and some will want to hear from you what you can offer them if they provide you sponsorship. For business houses, they want the promotion, so if you can help them with massive promotion, they might support you.

For that, these are the things you can do:

a. Your why

To convince your sponsor, one of the most important factors is your why. Why do you want to attend this program? You should be able to answer why you have chosen this program, what changes will be there in your life after you attend this program and how this really matters.

b. Make them visible

Your sponsor will be excited to know that they will get massive visibility. Talk with your sponsors. Ask them, how they want their brand to get promoted. Make them believe that you will do what you promise. Commit things that you can really do. Tell them that you will wear their T-shirt or any material related to their brand during main events of the program.

Take lots of good photos with the materials they provide you to promote.

Post it in social media frequently and always tag your sponsors.

Don’t over-promise and under deliver. Over deliver and you will gain trust, respect and open up door for future possibilities.

c. Create a video

Video is a great way to show the world what you have been doing, why it is important for you to attend this program. Share your passion, learning’s, things you have been doing.

If you don’t know how to create a video, learn. Start with movie maker, it is very easy. From movie maker, it is very easy to crop, add sound and music and do basic video editing.

If you are uncomfortable to face the camera, GREAT! Nothing grows inside your comfort zone. You will grow only when you face your fear, push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Also, tell your sponsor that you will create a video of the entire program and will frequently mention sponsors. Don’t forget to mention your sponsor name in the title of the video. For example, if you are attending International Youth Camp Nepal, you can write “Youth Camp Nepal supported by (sponsor name) or My journey to Nepal Youth Camp supported by (sponsor Name).

d. Blog

Assure your sponsors you will write about your entire program experience and publish it to local magazine or online portal with good visibility. Many magazines and online sites accept articles submitted by the reader. Approach magazines with good public reach and visibility. Mention your sponsor and thank them graciously in your post.
Also, while writing your final post, make sure your grammars are intact. Ask few of your friends for feedback and final editing. These magazines only publish good quality articles. Write in a way that can create value to their reader.

e. Offer your skills
Think about the skills you have and tell your sponsor the ways you can help their company/organization. For that, you need to do your research about them and find ways to help them. For example: Let’s say you are an app developer, research about the potential sponsor and find a way to help them with your skills.

2. Crowd Funding

Crowd funding has been popular way to raise money for almost anything. There are many fundraising sites where you can start your own campaign. There are many people who attend international programs through crowd funding. When you create your campaign, you need to promote it as much as possible. Generally, funders for crowd funding sites are people who know you – your family, friends, neighbors, friends of your friend etc. If many people contribute even little amount of money, it can raise good amount of money.

Not all the crowdfunding sites work in all countries but still it works in many countries. Here is the list of some popular crowd funding sites:

  1. Kickstarter.

  2. Indiegogo.

  3. Patreon.

  4. GoFundMe.

  5. Crowdrise.

  6. PledgeMusic.

  7. Razoo.

  8. RocketHub.

  9. Crowdfunder.

  10. Give.

  11. Charitable.

  12. Lending Club.

  13. AngelList.

  14. Ulule.

  15. Funding Circle.

  16. Seed&Spark.

  17. Crowdcube.

  18. GoGetFunding.

  19. Fundable.

  20. Kiva.

3. Sell your skills

Now, if you are really serious about attending the program, then you need to find ways to create money. You don’t need professional skills to earn money.

Can you make good cupcake or momo or any good street food? Now, come to the street and start selling it. Street foods are popular in many parts of world. If you commit few days to this then you can make really good amount of money. Your friends and family will be your biggest customer.

Don’t spend them. Save it. Keep doing until you don’t reach your goal.

Think about the work that you can do and help people which can help you earn money and go for it.

Make sure you share why you are doing this. Then it can encourage people to support you and help you. They will come to your stall to eat food or ask you to do gardening. They won’t expect you for high-quality service, they will understand yours why. But, that does not mean you should not deliver your best, DELIVER YOUR BEST.

Hope this article helps you to get some ideas to raise fund to pursue your dream of attending international programs. If you know more ideas, please comment below, we would love to hear from you.

Writer: Sudha Subedi



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