5 Entrepreneurship Lessons You Can Learn From Mountaineers!

Mountaineers have gone through a number of adventures, many of them potentially life-threatening, dangerous, and sometimes life-affirming. They take away many important lessons and bits and pieces of wisdom from their experiences. It may seem strange, but these lessons can be applied to several fields unrelated to mountaineering, such as entrepreneurship. Here are just a […]


8 Cool Business Ideas For Teenagers!

If you’re a teenager and eager to start your own business then this article is definitely for you! Do you think you cannot start making money just because you’re in your teens? Think again. It is actually not a matter of age but a matter of skills and ideas that involve in a business. Today, […]

5 poor habits of leader

Learn While You Lead; A Look at Five Habits of Poor Leaders

When your employees are on their way to work, what do you think goes through their minds? Are they dreading the coming day? Are they excited? Ask yourself these questions, and then ask yourself “Is there anything I can do to make it the latter?” There are many characteristics that make up a good leader, […]