Six societal rules for girls of developing nation

You are from developing nation and have a liberal thinking. But there are still these things which haunt your daily lives. So, here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts or societal rules for girls created by society, culture, family who so ever it is. (And if you have not faced any of these, you are super lucky girl. Yayyy!)

1. Dont go out


Yes, you are not allowed to go out frequently even if you have given all the information about your friend, or the place you are going or anything. The unwritten rule of the society is ‘Girls should stay in house and don’t go out often’.

2. No male friend

One of my friend’s sister was travelling with her family and her male classmate saw her. He stopped by to say hello and went. You have no idea how many questions were raised to her by all the family members. Phewww..

 3. Dress Rules

Yes, you should not wear provocative dress(all covered dress). If you are wearing such dress and any male eve tease you, stare you then it’s your fault. But irony is even if you dont wear such dress you have to face such circumstances.

4. Learn to do all household things

woman in kitchen
You should master in cooking. If you can’t cook then you are spoiled brat and not a marriage material. Of course, clean wash sweep vaccum…you should master everything.

 5. Follow basic good girl rules


You should not speak in loud voice. Don’t walk in that way. Don’t debate. Wake up early. Don’t laugh loudly. Be simple. Be humble. Basically, be a GOOD GIRL

 6. Marriage offer and Marriage

You are in your 20’s and still not getting any marriage proposals yet. What a shame. All girls should get marriage offer till this age if not then there is something super wrong with you. Society is getting liberal but marriage is not private affair here its societal affair because everybody is so much interested in your marriage if you are girl. And you will never find out why.

Do you have different experiences than this? We would love to know about it. Don’t hesitate to share.

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