how to cure homesickness

6 Ways to Cure College Homesickness

You got the acceptance letter for your new college. You have made contact with your roommate. You have all the paperwork and know all the places around campus. You are ready to bid farewell to all your loved ones at home. But are you prepared to face what comes after that? It is that feeling […]


5 Habits To Become Smarter and Improve IQ

Intelligence is not something that we can acquire in a day or two. In fact, it needs to be learned with deliberate efforts to enhance our intellectual skills. As humans, we are bestowed by nature with several innate qualities, skills and abilities, such as logic, memory, adaptive behavior and self-awareness to name a few. Intelligence […]

How to Cope with an Existential Crisis ?

All people are different, but the self-centered interests are the one thing that unites all of us, no matter how altruistic we may seem. Those who have no ambitions focus on kitchen intrigues; those who want to conquer the world are always interested in the success of others, and once you show weakness, you immediately […]

Branding Yourself – How To Build A Strong Personal Brand?

A company can spend quite a lot of money to build a brand but when referring to personal brand; it is not usually a possibility. According to specialists, the brand is a name that will remain in the mind of prospects. Adidas is a brand and Harley Davidson is also a brand. In a similar […]

10 Valentine Day Ideas to make your valentine feel special

Let’s all fall in love this Valentine’s Day. If you already are then let’s fall more in love. Valentine’s Day is a day when thoughts, actions of love are exchanged among people. Love is expressed by a girl to a boy and vice versa. It could be to a person nearby or on a distant […]

Winner love letter writing contest

Winner of Love Letter Writing Contest

We had a tough time while selecting winners for love letter writing contest. All those love filled words were beautiful and heart warming. Thank you so much for your participation in love letter writing contest. We appreciate you for taking time to participate and share your feelings. Click Here to Read All 5 winning love […]

things nepalese student should know before going india

10 things Nepalese Student should know before going India

Every student dreams of an International Degree and a global career. With the rapid globalization, there has been a trend of studying abroad for international standard education among the students. Even our country Nepal can’t stay out of it. So for Nepalese students India has been proved a primary target and an educational hub through […]

7 ways to feel Fresh during day after Late Night Sleep or No Sleep

Either to party or watch matches supporting your favorite team, reasons could be anything to stay awake whole night. And the result of this? A difficult morning! After staying awake whole night, it is quite challenging to fresh start of a day. Everything falls out of place the next morning. Your classes seem absurd and […]

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