Like they say, the ordinary-average guy

The-Wanderer, The Ordinary

Well, I really don’t know where I should begin from. I’m not an entrepreneur nor a high class sophisticated noble person who people would like to hear about. But an ordinary person who knows more or less about binary. Brought up in glorious 90’s in a typical middleclass family. I quite often consider myself lucky in fact all those people who were born in 90’s are the luckiest people on earth. This was the generation when we used to watch awesome cartoons, Dungens and Dragons, Alladin, Tom and Jerry, Swat Cats, Ninja turtles, Spiderman, Justice Leagues, Duck tales, Tales spin and many more. If you remember any, you could add to the list. 😉 I often wonder if really, wonderful animated cartoon series has been stopped being created. Nevertheless, my childhood was awesome like any other child playing TV video games, playing cricket, basket ball and table tennis. It’s not a thing to brag about but I did broke half a dozen of glass on windows 😛

I still remember, the first day of my school, I was pushing hard not to enter the school gate, my mom and dad somehow grabbed me and took me to assembly. I was all sobbing instead of singing our prayer and I was looking at the gate if I could see my dad and mom. Well days passed, and I was not among the brilliant best in my class and never bothered being one. I was always happy with who I was and what my ranks were. I was one of the average guys in class, whom teachers would notice barely. I was one of the talkative, humorous and witty students in the class. I never read at home, whenever I reached home from school, I would be watching TV or playing with my friends. Once a teacher asked all of us, what we really wanted to be in future. I was in muddle headed situation and was observing my friends answer what would they answer. I copied one of them and said I wanted to be a Doctor. No wonder, I did take Science in +2, read in NAME and tried my best to go to a medical college. Thing was I nearly got admitted in a medical college but the destiny had some other plans for me.

The following year I out of nowhere, gave entrance in one of the country’s most renowned university. I barely knew what I was capable of. I was uncertain about my life where I would be heading to, in fact I’m still unclear about myself and if people ask me what do I really want to do with myself and or where would I end up in future, the answer is still I really don’t know. I’ve broken down zillions of times, cursed my fate and if I really chose this life. Numerous thought would hover around my mind but the point of action is still impact less. I’ve never bragged about my educational carrier my entire life and it’s also not a subject to boast about. People have changed this world, who were the college drop outs. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs , Mark Zukerburg and many more.

It’s not the people’s educational background that would change the world, it’s the vision, and it’s the idea that makes it happen so. I’ve always asked people to enlighten me, show me the direction, what I was really capable of. May be to understand one’s capabilities and in fact to be clear about one’s vision is most important in people’s life.

Nirab Shrestha is “Electrical and Electronics engineer from Kathmandu University



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