Intrinsic Drive

Author: Bibita Koirala

The only difference I see in people around me is the drive within them. Drive for money, drive for recognition, drive of creating value, drive for love and on and on and on.

It is the drive within us making us think differently from others. Few years’ back, I had a drive of providing people a perspective of better living through imagination, tolerance, rationality and morality. The only skills I had were writing and sketching. I was never good at anything else.

A few times my ideas were appreciated. I used to feel a bit good. My expression could interest people for few minutes but could never influence anyone. Slowly my drive of creating better society and culture turned a childhood fantasy in my late teenage.

I used to feel low but then I started showing conformity with society just because I wanted love from all. I studied like all my other classmates, did everything that was expected from me. I had questions but remained silent, which was a lot frustrating.

Things started getting better. I grew up a bit. I started concentrating on only few subjects in college. My poor performances in other subjects are still questioned but I am indifferent to it. I have a simple answer; “I can’t be good at everything at once. I have a drive of creating value.”

Every day I am taught to earn profit but never taught to serve well. Every day I have a question, “Why is there no value of good service with relatively less profit? Why are some people ranked No.1 only on the basis of total sales and profit they make and where do all motives of better service and quality go?” May be the drive of money and success is guiding most of my teachers, and classmates have finally learnt to be indifferent to it.

I attended a few motivation speeches & leadership programs and finally concluded that there is nothing greater than our intrinsic drive that is shaping us. No motivation greater than intrinsic motivation providing me the confidence to study and choose a work that gives me opportunity to add value to my service.

Still I have question to the youth “Will the drive to earn well, eat well and dress well only bring any positive changes in future? Are we not taking our basic needs to a much sophisticated form?”



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